Wireframes on Solids (Cross-Post)


Hi everyone. I have a rather urgent question that I would like to have answered with regards to rendering and compositing.
I am using 3dsmax to render out a city in wireframe but the problem with this is that you can see through the buildings (because they’re wireframe of course) and the screen gets cluttered with the hundreds of other wireframe buildings.
What I would like to do is render out a version with the solids showing the wireframes as well (like turning on show wireframes on shaded surfaces when you are modelling). Now I’m not sure how to render this out from max (either default scanline or brazil) so if anyone could tell me that’d be an awesome start.
Alternatively, I was thinking that I might have to do some funky compositing in order to get it to work but I know only a little about compositing. I have After Effects and can get someone to help me with it if I can’t understand what you are talking about but I was thinking maybe render passes with zDepth or something along those lines. I’m not entirely sure. I’m fairly lost on this.
Anyways, thanks to whoever reads this and replies.




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