Wireframe Rendering


i am trying to render my model with the wireframe on top of the model. but when i do a hardware render it renders the back side of the model as well. is there a way to turn of the back side faces so it only renders the ones facing the camera. any help please. thanks



an easy way to do that is, to take you uv snap shot, and then just remap it back on the object. But m sure there is a better way.


if available use maya 5.0 and the vector renderer there. that is the first one in maya that does real hidden line rendering.

unfortunately the line width is a bit thick even in the thinnest setting…




There are two plugins on Highend 3d ( http://www.highend3d.com ) , mesh data and nurbs data, for wireframe renders.


you can also kill all your lights, hit 7 , go in wireframe on shaded, playbast this and then composit it on your shaded render.


I’d do it like Fango said lose all your lights except for an ambient (set to 10), turn on wireframe on shaded(smooth line), get rid of all your HUD text then do a playblast. Good luck.:slight_smile:


thanks alot guys i got it working. i ended up having a frined do it fgor me in max. they have a shader you can do it with. but i like all the ideas i will have ot try those out next time. thanks alot



i am trying to find those, but haven’t been lucky! can you send me a link if you know where they are… thanks!



There are other methods that won’t cost you any money, so long as you don’t need the super-cool quality and control that these guys offer.


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