Wireframe of the Pixar Characters?



I just wonder is there any wireframe pictures of the Pixar’s character models? Like Buzz Lightyear, or Nemo, or any monster from the Monsters Inc. :slight_smile:


hmm…this might be interesting.


Buzz: http://www.pixar.com/featurefilms/ts/behind_pop5.html
It’s rendered in three dimensions on a com-pu-ter!


Thats about all I could find. Seems they’re rather picky about showing their wires…

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And this one: http://www.pixar.com/howwedoit/images/how_view_07.jpg
Still very small…


I think they show some wire rotations on the CAV laser version. Might be some on the DVD too. The old pixar page had some up for a while.


Problem being, of course, that even if they are there, you cannot legally use them because you do not own them. :hmm:


use them for what?


well, duh! for creating my own movie! lol :twisted:


lol :smiley:

Actually I wanted to observe their modelling technique by looking at wireframes of their models. I don’t think this Pixar wireframe pictures is considered “top secret” or something. These wireframes are out there somewhere. :slight_smile:


Pixar has a sculpter make the characters then they are scanned in they don’t really do much modeling in that area …then im sure a TD cleans up the mesh for rigging .etc etc you would be better off looking for other sources if you want to learn to build Picar like characters .


To take over the world!!


But I want to see their wires! :bounce: LOL :slight_smile:

BTW are you sure they “sculpt” and “scan” every 3D character?


there was a thread about pixar eyes on cgtalk. one person posted a wire from “for the birds”



Get some of the old siggraph ‘renderman’ papers, don’t recall where, but freely downloadable off the web, for lots of high-res wireframe shots, Geri from Geri’s Game, Boo From Monsters Inc, etc, etc


yep i have one of the siggraph renderman articles with wire/shaded pictures of boo and sculley and their hair guide setup here. but the meshes are nothing special, sculley is modeled pretty simple and low res in fact. i guess most of the detail that some pixar characters have comes from displacement maps retrieved from scanned maquettes.


Well, what is the name of these papers exactly? I searched “renderman” at Siggraph’s web site but couldn’t find anything like you said. :shrug:


i don’t know anymore since i altered the file name to fit into my “knowhow”-folder structure but it was something about rendering hair with prman from siggraph 2001 or 2002.

edit: ok, here are the pics i was talking about, save them if you are interested in keeping them because i’ll delete them in a few days from the webspace.


Alias|Power Animator… that was a long time I saw that one :slight_smile:



Hey that was exactly what I was looking for! :bounce:
Thank you very much Thomas Pecht :thumbsup:


Interesting topology on the Sully model there. Im seeing a lot of tris and n-sideds. Anyone know if that was the final model? The child (Boo?) Model looks pretty standard though. All quads and good layout topology/Surface flow.


Yeah I noticed it too on Sullivan’s model. Tris and n-sideds all over there. :argh:
Now aren’t we tricked or what? I want my movie ticket money back!:buttrock: LOL

Actually I think it is something to do with the hair dynamics. He’s all covered with blue fur/hair after all. :smiley: