Wireframe help!


Hey guys,

Anybody out there know how to render in wireframe??!!!

 I'm using XSI 2.0

                                        nick   :shrug:


You can use the capture option, the wireframe shader or the Toon Shader.

If you want to use the wireframe shader you can find it on my site. EdHarriss.com>Plugins>XSI>Shaders>Phoenix Tools Tesselation Shader. The wireframe shader will not render quads.

If you choose to use the Toon shader, I’ve got a tutorial on my Site that shows how: Tutorial #160: SOFTIMAGE|XSI The Wireframe Toon Shader tutorial By Stephane Dube. EdHarriss.com>Tutorials>All SOFTIMAGE|XSI Tutorials. The toon shader will render quads.

Hope this helps.


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