WIRED: SCO: Buy Linux License, Avoid Suit



"The SCO Group said Monday that it is offering commercial Linux users a license which will protect them from forthcoming legal action by the software maker.

The company also said in a statement that all commercial Linux users are software pirates."




“The license covers use of Linux in a run-only, binary format.”

OI. Thats a blow. But companies frequently rip off of each other. Seems like they are trying to simply cash in on the linux growth as it becomes a more valid commercial system and to protect their niche. Run only, thats just brutal, considering all the hackers that have slaved on it over the years.


I’m two towns south of those guys and I can smell their bullshit from here. The company I used to work for dealt with some of the same people in charge of SCO, one of their main ways of raising money is suing people. That’s all they’re trying to do here, generate income by suing people. Sorry, SCO, you already GPL’d the code in question when you created and sold Caldera Linux. I think SCO knows they can’t win against IBM so they’re hoping they can scare commercial Linux users into raising some captial. I hope nobody falls for it.


From ZDNET.com

"SCO takes aim at Linux users

SCO Group, a company arguing that Linux infringes on its Unix intellectual property, said Monday it has been granted key Unix copyrights and will start a program to let companies running Linux avoid litigation by paying licensing fees.
The company, which is at the heart of a controversial lawsuit over Linux code, said that it plans to offer licenses that will support run-time, binary use of Linux to all companies that use Linux kernel 2.4 versions and later. "




Bahh…, I’ve eard about those guys in the past, they dont stand a chance… It’s just a move to make some bucks from the big companies… They are the pirates not we…
In an extreme case we can also move to Bsd:shrug:


SCO cannot lisence Linux. Period!
Under the GPL if SCO proprietary IP is in the kernel and was placed there by someone other than SCO and without SCO’s consent then Linux cannot be distributed at all until the offending code is removed. Under the GPL SCO is not allowed to charge a fee or attach any other lisence.

However the burden of proof is on SCO to provide proof of their claims and they have yet to do so.

The manner in which SCO is proceeding is in the very least unethical. If infringing IP is in the Linux kernel then the appropriate course of action would be for SCO to point out the infringing code so that it can be investigated and if it does infact infringe SCO’s IP it can then be removed.

To the extent that SCO IP is in the Linux kernel (if at all) ,SCO doesn’t want it removed. It wants the perceived leverage to use for the purposes of extortion.

SCO is one dispicable company. I really hope IBM totally destroys them.

If SCO attempts to lisence Linux I think a class action lawsuit on the parts of Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, OSDL, FSF and others is neccesary to support the GPL.


Inflamatory rhetoric has been removed[/I]



Very interestin responce from the real Unix howners, Novel:


Hehe… they should take a look at the contracts :deal:


M$ Licences UNIX from SCO

Well at the very least we might see some improvements in windows. Or they could totally fuxor it all.

and then this "SCO also said it suspended shipments of its own version of Linux, saying the operating system was an “unauthorized derivative” of Unix. It promised not to sue existing customers but said future companies could be liable if they use the Linux software. " How could their own software be unauthorized?


When this came up in Slashdot a few weeks ago, there was an article where someone from IBM said they own all their code because of an old contract with ATT. Then SCO pulled one from behind saying all derivative code from System V belongs to them, which would imply not only that they own Linux and the Unix trademark but could even lay claim to thnigs like Windows and maybe all BSDs. It just keeps getting better and better.

Here is a nice summary of all the claims and its impact:

Linux vs SCO decision matrix

Some people even suggested contacting the SEC as this seems a rather shady move also to pump up the stock prices.


well its clear now that this is one more of the smart ass moves from Microsoft:shrug:
It’s a good sign, it shows that Linux is becoming a real competitor…Its develops faster and its gaining more and more suport…
But it’s too late for Microsoft, all they can do is to lauch incertainty in the markets for a wile but people will soon realise the truth, and the natural evolution of tecnology will continue…


Can we please keep this on topic…

The focus of the articles is the move by the SCO to charge for
Linux for commercial use.



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