Wire Removal



Does anyone have some tips or know of any tutorials for wire removal, preferably using Shake out of the box? I’m aware of the roto/clean plate method, just wondering if there are any other techniques out there.



Hi Gabel

can you tell me what the plate contains?

is the shot moving, still, whats the subject matter behind the wires


Greetings Kag122,

Thanks for your response. I don’t really have a particular shot in mind. I’m looking for more general tips/tutorials. I know you can’t cover every situation with a few tips, but the more info one has, the better.


Hi gabel,
a common technique is to mask out the wires and then using that mask (depending on what is behind the wires) mix in the surrounding sides over the wire. The simplest way to do the would be to stabilise your plate around the wire so it is as still as possible, do your removal, and then apply the camera move back to the plate.

You’re going to run into tricky situations where lines in the image cross, so this technique is best used for flat simply detailed areas. There are many ways to remove a wire and all of them are dependant on what the shot looks like, hence the reason on me asking in my previous post.

I hope this starts you off in the right direction :slight_smile:


Greetings kag122,

Thanks for the help/tips. It will help a great deal! :thumbsup:



another option ( altough not an out of the box solution ) might be this: http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/ -> shake -> furnace check out the wire and rig removal features.
There’s a more advanced algorithm behind it for reconstructing the pixels, but basicly it seems to be based on the technique mentioned above.
Another one to keep an eye out for: http://www.2d3.com/jsp/products/products-future.jsp?product=pixeldust

This was ment to be more interesting than helpfull, so hopefully you found it interesting.


Thanks Crovex. Yeah, that PixelDust looks like an amazing tool. Looking forward to checking it out.


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