wire question


can i control per curve vertex weight on the geometry .

for example i have one character mouth and i have a wire around the mouth but the vertex of the curve are affecting the up and the down of the mouth. i tried with dropoff distance but not works nice

thanks sory for my english


I haven’t seen per vertex weighting, but what you can do is use two curves. Use one curve for the upper lip and one curve for the lower lip. Then cluster the curve ends in the corners to the same control and it’s pretty darn close to have one continuous curve.

Just in case,

Creo que no hay per vertex weighting para los “wire deformers.” Pero hay otro manera de obtener lo mismo effecto. Dos curvas, una para cada labio y en las esquinas connecta los dos a lo mismo control con un cluster. Es casi lo mismo y es super facil a pintar los weights. Los siento por mi espanol :wink:


Yep, paint wire weights tool.


yes but the wire weight paints the weight of the entire wire . not alows to choose what part of one wire are afecting the mesh.



Oh, yea, apparently you can use a drop-off locator, I’ve never had occasion to use one myself, but I’ve had it described to me. I guess you make a curve point on the wire and set it as a drop-off locator.


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