Wire parameters mix amount to morpher.


So I’m trying to do a simple wire parameter from the morpher to the mix amount of a material.
A 1 = 1 ration. So if the morpher is 50 the material map mix amount is 50.
I keep getting a result of 100.

I keyed the morpher at frame 0 with a morph amount of 0.
Then at frame 10 I keyed the morpher amount at 100.
The mix amount changes from 0 - 100 when the slider hits frame 1.

Anyone have any ideas on what is going wrong. I also added a bezier controller to the mix amount and it didn’t fix it.


This mix amount, although displaying to 100, is actually a value of 0->1, so in your wire parameter dialog multiply the Mix*.01.


Thank you for clearing that up for me.


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