Wire parameters From bezier float to point 3 values



I’m trying to link the value of a slider to the strenth of a noise modifier.
It says (“unable to convert: 0.0 to type: Point 3”)

I found stuff like : https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/3ds-max-forum/wire-parameters-from-bezier-float-to-point-3-values/td-p/4215293
Wire parameters for materials

But i dont understand how to adapt their solutions to my situation.

here is a capture of the wire parameter box :

Thx !



In the bottom right hand box, put
[value, value, value]

instead of just “value”

That way it’ll uniformly apply the value to x, y and z. You can play around with it too of course, if you wanted y strength to always be twice that of the other two, try

[value, value*2, value]


Thx a lot!
It works like a charm :wink: