Wire mesh and roto issue


Hi guys, I’m working on a small personal project. In the shot, the actor runs next to a concrete ledge with a wire mesh barrier along the edge (see the screen shot). Everything beyond the ledge is going to be replaced. I’ve roto’d out the actor and the main tubing of the barrier, but isolating the mesh is going to be a nightmare.

Here’s some screen grabs to give you a better idea.

I was thinking of creating entirely CG meshes to replace the ones in the shot. But, I’d still have to paint out the on-set mesh visible in the bottom around the actor’s legs.

So would you guys have any ideas on how to tackle this?



Yeah, I’d say reconstructing the mesh would be far simpler than trying to roto it, particularly as it falls out of focus toward the background. Trying to isolate wires from bush would be all but impossible.

If the camera is static, you could probably do it all in comp with some splines, or even a photographic and corner-pin approach. If the camera is moving and you have decent tracking data, then CG wires would be the way to go. Of course, the track will have to be rock-solid; you can probably get away with some inaccuracy in the background replacement due to the distance. Not so with the foreground.


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