WIPISH: New Arch Vis Image


Hey ladies and gentlemen,

Here is a rather rushed image I worked on this summer, one of a huge series of images we did for planning permission (so not marketing quality as you can see). Anyway, it’s still has bits worth looking at :wink:

This image has been in the newspapers so I think I’m allowed to post it here :shrug:

We’ll be getting the job back to polish all these up for marketing etc, it was a VERY tough job to work on with amendments and redesigns coming in from a dozen parties. Such is the nature of big jobs!

PS. If you look closely you can see me and my sister in the image :wink: - actually, now I think about it, half the people in this image are my friends and family!


Nice! I find the moiré on the sculptures normal and very acceptable. I believe this was a preoccupation with the client. How did you deal with it?


Hey Richard!

Dew helped there, it broke up the surfaces somewhat. Other then that higher AA settings help a little (but not much).

And there were many client requests that seemed bizarre, ranging from “Can you make the concrete more see through.” to “Can we make it look like it’s a temporary design?”

What was interesting for me about this job was that every single texture was bespoke, we made them all for the job, that’s something I’ve never done before, we usually pull the vast majority out of our materials library (you know, the quick, lazy, “lets go for lunch” way).



“Can you make the concrete more see through.”:D:D
Oh! the modern materials… We, in southamerica, dosn´t have that, just the old opaque one. Clients are an special human kind everywere… i had one that wanted the same ad campaign of the last year, but diferent ¿!?
Nice work but where is wally… er Ian?




Okay, here is a little key for you, I have only labelled some people, I have several friends in there (like the guy with the diablo :wink:



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