hi there. :slight_smile:
10 Sec Sound - my plan was that, the character (ruffus) is reading some spells from the book and than the book disappear and …
Jost looking for some C&C .

http://www.geocities.com/likeitoren/WIP/ - Click the WIP2.mpeg.


Great character animation! His movements are timed well and it looks really good. My only critique is the final camera move, something about it bugs me. Maybe it could take place over a bit more time and have some ease out. Great work!


i cant download it, can u mirror it ?


Generally, I’d say this looks pretty darn good. It’s timed well, and he seems to have weight.

I didn’t like the camera movement. You hold on the guy when he’s not doing much, and you move the camera when he performs the bulk of the animation. I can’t see his nice movements well, because the movement of the camera distracts from it.

Just keep the camera still, or try cuts. Let the piece be about the animation. The camera should be unobtrusive, and it should contribute to telling the story.

Maybe cut to a low when he begins the incantation, making him seem big and powerful. Then cut to a high shot when he coughs, making him seem small and weak.

But, the animation itself is pretty good.


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