I call this piece of artwork, Armageddon. She’s a military spacecraft from the present future. I’m trying to piece this 3d image together in Maya from my sketch. Trying to mix in a little bit of Avatar, TRON, and Bladerunner at the same time. Still working on it though… I will submit my final in a couple of weeks still working on this project, gonna take some time.

Should be completed in a couple more weeks or so…


Hey guys,

nice entrys so far everyone. I’ve got an old idea I’m dredging up for this competition. Its called the Amniomnium, its a teardrop shaped pod that works as a personal transport device. There are three engines situated around the top. The name for it comes from a play on amniotic fluid, hopefully giving the suggestion that the occupant relaxes back in his recliner, maybe watches tv, and is flown around.


w.i.p. crt are welcome


This competition is really starting to shape up! There’s some great entries already.

Thought I’d try my hand at something, not entirley sure what it’s function will be yet but here’s some initial sketches. At the moment I’m thinking it might be some kind of huge future sports utility vehicle. Crits and comments more than welcome. Hope I see this comp to the end…

Keep up the good work!

Doh! Just typed this email and realised I can’t attach images, does anybody know how I can upload them rather than using a URL?

Thanks in advance.


This is my first sketches in this competition :slight_smile:


“I gained an appreciation of the balance between organic and mechanical and the symbiotic enhancement that results. My designs reflect this subtle dynamic still.” Syd Mead


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Alright here’s a small update:

A few finishing touches and tweaks (just noticed the front is too rounded) and this vehicle is done. I’m also close to finishing the scene. Then the real fun starts with trying to make my render look like a fairly photo realistic drawing. That’s the part I’m really looking forward to in this challenge.


My scene sketched out in good ol’ Google Sketchup.

Just using this image for a guide - I’ll be painting over it in photoshop (the vehicle isn’t even indicated yet). I’ll post the vehicle ideas up soonish as that’s what people will be interested in!


Nice and solid shot. I am looking forward to see the advanced work.


With the intention to complete the scene for the competition,
still there … and I have hard giving character to the bike I’m doing. The character is modeled with Xsi and the bike with Maya. Do not know if I’ll get to finish the final stage time as I would do it with blade-runner esthetics … and I still have much to shape and make …


preparing the blueprint file to model it after…
any comments&critics are more than welcome…


Well I havnt been posting any new updates becuase Ive been sick with Food poisoning. 9 days later and im still not fully functional yet. But when i pick up the nerve to start up again I will.
Thanks for the Compliments’ and sorry for the delay’


Hi guys, I was working on additional elements on my entry and found myself in small problem. Dilema is probably better word to describe it.

I decided to add futuristic parachutes/landing pods and now cannot decide which direction is more S.Mead-like, or design-wise better. At first i was going to go with version on the left which is original idea, then i accidentaly detached bottom part and saw the other possibilty.
Any advices?

BTW, very nice works is poping up more and more. RyanWalsh, hope you get better soon!


Hi, it looks very nice. I would go with the one at right. About composition, I’d place the closer parachute at the lower left a little off frame, detaching it from the main silhouette and resulting in more continuity of the negative space. That’s all anyway it looks fantastic. Gook luck


Here is the model with just extruded faces…


I agree, it is a negative space thing. The mothership is touching the top and sides of the image. At least one of the parachute pods should be floating free from intersection with the vehicle in the back.


I’m a new artist, but this challenge has inspired me to try. I’m probably way out of my league here at CGSociety, but I felt no harm in trying. Anyhow, here are some of my concept vehicle sketches. This may prove very difficult for me, but I’m learning a lot :wink:

Thanks to all of you for such great inspiration, good luck to you all.


Here is another idea … this might be a bit easier and faster to finish. Though I am not sure about it.


@Mikedee, awesome! maybe a pilot at the other side of the vehicle. Anyway I like the overall gray/yellow contrast.


jtrillo> thanks! Black/yellow is my favourite combo. Now I look at the image again and I think I need to change the logo to BRP instead that Franch brand. :wink:

Pilot walking sounds like a good idea.


@Turbinea: I agree with Jtrillo and lunadude, Stay with the image on the right and break up the spaces, and yer good to go.

@Ryan Walsh: Sorry to hear…Hope you get better soon.

@MikeDee: I like the idea, but…I’m just not sure what the craft is…is it on the side?..I just feel like it’s not that clear as to what exactly the vehicle is, or what it does. But that just might be me having a slow moment :confused:

Where is TMunroe? I’m missing the Big yellow truck :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting tied up with work. I hope I’ll get to finish this soon. I did manage to squeeze out time for an update for my entry:

Just a sketch up of what I plan on doing with the composition. A day at the beach, a biker chick chatting to a surfer dude, ppl on the beach way in the background…I’ll see where this goes…I want to stay with the color scheme.
I was wondering whether or not to just leave the girl in there, but I want interaction, rather than making the image feel a bit “lonely” or empty.
What do you guys think?