Hi jtrillo thanks for your comment


Wowzers…So many Cool Designs Since I last checked
@ Spindraft : That sketch is looking Hot! Can’t wait to see the final
@Tmunroe: I’ll never get tired of seeing Yellow :slight_smile:
@Jtrillo: Nice work with the lines in that sketch…spot on with the style.
@Ryan Walsh…I want to see you pull that vehicle from the shadows…It looks like it’ll be Wikkid Sick!

So far I have managed to do a few Colored renders on my bike

I don’t think The colors and materials are final, but at least a start. I want to drop it in a scene, but am trying to make up my mind as to which angle to choose. Hopefully I can pick one and then do a sketch for the bg composition and get cracking on that. I was thinking of the beach or a highway along the shore…the blue would really go with it…IF I decide to keep it…

Again C&C Welcome as usual :slight_smile:


Mirso, Jtrillo, thanx for comments, appreciate it. Military thing was, as usuall, my first instinct, with guns sticking at every direction, but that’s just not way of Mr. Mead. And create something futuristic and not agressive is probably hardest thing for me to do, so i came with this idea. The plane is actually (at least for now) flying party fortress. Those figues in the tail section suposed to be dancing in final image. Hopefuly i’ll get it right by then, all attempts so far look more like bar brawl than some fiesta :slight_smile:
Anyway, JTrillo, your concept is very nice, there is a strong Syd Mead feel to it and in general is very promising. Personally, I woul put some character also in front of the vehicle to add more integration in the scene. Maybe personel polishing surface of the car or carrying out luggage. But that’s just me, feel free to ingore it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for you suggestion and comments. I agree with you about the integration, I am considering to add more figures and maybe another dimmed vehicle before the final line work. Then some value-scale for light composition and the tough part: color.
By the way nice portfolio, see Joseph Kosisnki’s works for game industry, some amazing and inspiring trailers similar to your style in his site.

Thank you again.


Thanks for your comment, I am glad the feeling is perceived, it is difficult to judge a personal work. Your work is good man, I think the color combination is in the right path As a 50’s fashioned design, perhaps that blue just a tiny little bit greener.
About the design I would integrate the two central cylindrical volumes into one (maybe just a sketch to verify). Good luck.


Nice work!! love the overall feeling. About the composition, maybe the vehicle is too close to the left side of the frame and the light blue vertical stripes are splitting the frame almost in two halves. I think it will be solved later with minor perspective adjustment and alignment. Good luck.


Thanks man. Have had it jumbling around in my head a few years actually, just never got around to putting it down. When I came across the comp. I figured if I don’t do it now I never will.

That profile view is awesome. If it were me that’s probably the view point I’d try to exploit.

I’m kind of having the same problem myself. I wanted to do a scene of 2 or 3 of the bikes ripping through the mountains were some friends & used to ride (black range mountains in new mexico), & kind of allude to the 'ol cafe racer. I’m confident it would convey the experience of accel/speed rather well, but it doesn’t lend itself very well to seeing anything other than the rear end of the bikes.

I’m not sure if it’s allowed or not (need to review the rules), but it would be nice if I could do a composition of a couple shots. The one mentioned above, and another being the ‘post-ride roadside smoke break’ at the edge of the mountains w/ buddies shooting the breeze about technique & what not…and of course their bikes parked nearby trying hard not to look to sexy ;).

Well, anyway, I got the base model roughed in. Still lot’s of cleanup & detailing to do, & of course much much more to work on after the bike too. Was thinking about doing one of the bikes w/ an old school Kenny Roberts paint job. =)


Woah!.. This is Hot!
I love that it looks to compact yet slick…The back part where the seat is reminds me of a wasp :slight_smile: Very cool design indeed.

From what I understand I THINK (I don’t know for sure) we can do different compositions of the same vehicles and exploit the different angles… But that’s just more werk :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jtrillo: Thanks for the feedback…I will tweak the color…I believe it’s called Seafoam, very popular in the era. :slight_smile:


The farm truck was killing me slowly so, took a little break and started working on some ideas for environments, This is supposed to be a moody space type thing, based on Meads Gundam work. Compression has pretty much destroyed the image but, the idea was to go for a painterly look, the full resolution version has a lot more texture to it… I need to work out how to get decent compression… I’m imaging some guys working on a rover, with dirty old technology all over the show in the foreground. Any points on compression would be a god send :slight_smile:


Hi, here is my WIP. Not sure if I will be able to finish it … kind of busy these days. Anyways: This one is very quick matte painting, combo of 3d and 2d and photo chops - all low res and more or less for reference only. Just to set up composition and color space.
>Gigantic snowcat exploring frozen planet. It’s segmented body allows each block to move independently in order to acchieve an outstanding grip control on ice or snow.<



:bowdown: MikeDee, that’s beautiful, I really like were this is going, I hope you finish it and good luck


Hey guys, really impressiv works here some of them get me into another/future world. =)

I think its time to post some of my WIP, but I’m not really sure what to do with my images. It says URL isn’t possible to upload them on cgsociety?

btw this is my first post here =P


Hey there, I’m in, yesterday I started this concept while I was looking and reading all the entries posted before here, and in the final section also, so…hope to finish on time, and as I’m not sure… if this is similar to something previous worked please tell me and I’ll thinking in another concept before make more, specially if it isn’t in the style requiered… I’m going to do something simple not too complicated and detailed… thinking more in the form and functionality.



> CS1 > nice start on shading :wink: metal looks good to me, maybe tire material could be more wear ed at bumps.
> spindraft > nice work so far, waiting for updates.
> MikeDee > it is looking very good for me already, hope you will be able to spend more time you planed on this image.

As for my own vehicle, I have spend quite a lot time making lines, separating panels. On bend surfaces this is quite some stuff to do. The back part of the vehicle, where the door is, has been remade twice. The main problem is to detach surfaces and to keep smoothed geometry. Anyway, I think I am going to the end with modeling of vehicle, next step is texturing & shading. As it is racing car, I will add a lot of logos, number, some colors and so on (for now thinking what logos I can use, probably I will have to design all them myself). When that will be done, then make futuristic environment, add some people and in post production will try to make it Syd’s style. (I hope I will have enough time for all that, as from tomorrow have work for ~1 week).


@Mikedee, I hope you can finish, it looks very nice right now. I Like the background and the white finish of the vehicle. The design is fantastic too. Good luck!


Well I’ve begun to sketch my concept but now i think it’s an overkill :scream::rolleyes:


CS1 - Hey, thanks again, glad you like it. :wink:
MikeDee - That is looking really sweet, love the composition & colors.
Paulius - Really liking how it’s coming along. Your model really stood out the first time I looked through here, (noticed I’d certainly not be the only one making use of turbines ;)) & is only getting better. I hear ya on the hard surface being a fair bit of work. It’s been some time since I tackled it myself, so it’s taking a bit to get my head back in it. It’s looking really nice though, looking forward to see what you do w/ the textures.


Here’s a rough sketch of my second submission.

and a link to my first submission

Let me know what you think.


@amscime I am sure it will be as shocking as your first entry. Maybe the shot angle a little bit lower for a big scale effect. I am Looking forward to see it finished. Good luck.


@jtrillo-Yeah that’s my plan in the final render. thanks for the advice!