Started finalising some of the forms now, decided the cockpit was too aggressive looking, and opted for a 60’s inspired bubble, it has a similar profile to the original but I think the curve makes the vehicle seem more benign. Trying to stick with the whole 60’s optimistic pre-oil crisis idea of the future. Quite a lot left to do on this thing… Model all the mechanical joining areas, add greebs, and finally texture… basically try to make the thing look like it makes sense physically, as opposed to a loose bunch of half textured low poly models floating around in space :stuck_out_tongue:


To CS1 > Hi, thanks for advise, I think it looks better, I only leaved couple small wings on back, for me easier to take this big change :slight_smile: As for your bike I also have couple advises: 1. Maybe lift the center part up (where the guy is sitting), because it will touch ground on any bump, including that there is something like big suspension near front wheels. 2. Maybe make the back wheels separately connected from inside, that way when taking corner they will bend separately and keep good stiffness to the road. Or make wheels rounder. This is of course up to you, but that is the way we use to see that working :slight_smile:
To grad82 > nice work, as you have already done a lot with your model, maybe put it in to futuristic environment or/and make some action :wink:
To TMunro > nice idea, maybe I would like to see some kind of transparent container part where from we could actually see what this vehicle is for.
As for my vehicle, today I was detailing engine, later probably brake car in to peaces and detail each part separately. Still thinking how to make it more Syd’s style, haven’t decided about front lamps… If someone has a good advise, please share.


Yo paulius3d : That’s a very slick design, however, unpractical as hell if you kinda feel this sudden urge to like kiss your girlfriend or feel her knee… :slight_smile: You know what I mean ? :slight_smile:


Yes :slight_smile: That should be something like racing car. :slight_smile: I even was going to make another side with aditional engine, when braking symetry, but your idea is also good, maybe there will be couple adaptations on seperate images, then chose one for final.


Small update on the design…
Still lots of work to get done, but gettin there.


Hey Marat,

I saw this design on the internet 2-5 years ago on the web and downloaded your design for reference. The rules are you cannot use past images that you have created before. You are an artist and you should know better than that. I wouldn’t be suprised if you already created a 3d model for this design already and just haven’t shown it yet. Don’t be lazy and create something for this competition. Id like to see something you have created right now instead of something i downloaded 2-5 years ago for reference, thanks…


@Paulius3D: Thanks for the feedback…I had noticed that about the body being really low. I’ll shift a few vertices and see what I can do without changing the stance of the bike too much.
Thanks to your insights I may remove that front spring and keep it as a gas-shock. The bike’s body is hinged in three spots, allowing for some give to the backwheel, but not too bouncy. After all, choppers are for the open highways. :slight_smile:
BTW…The detailing on your engine is great and I love the smooth look of the body…I LOLd @ Davek1979’s comment, I had thought about something very similar :stuck_out_tongue: …but It’s a race car…no time for romance when yer tearing up the track :smiley:

@Tmunro: Thankies for the Kind Comment …Wow on the new Cockpit…totally changes the look of it now…it does look more passive…but to be totally honest, I personally like the aggressive looking cockpit more…But that’s just me…maybe you should do both? :shrug::smiley:

NEwayz…Back to the Den of Solitude for me :stuck_out_tongue:
Cheers All


Hi, ShogunWarrior. I’m aware that there may be coincidence, but I assure I am not from the number of people who can steal someone that concept and create it anew. Absurd … I created and designed it from scratch. And let me tell you what, there is always the source than the one that looks like the new design. Many of the works that I see here you can always compare with the previously created version. Your work is too.

I can do bodywork, wheels and more - spherical, elliptical, square etc… And still there is people who say - that it had seen previously.

The more I put only orthographic projection design. 10% of all the work that I had planned. If you’re interested here’s my current task:

  1. Features EPSILON 9 (transformation into a buggy and a flying shuttle, shell and interior design, and computer touch screens and sensors control). Shematic animation of transformation body.
  2. Tuning EPSILON 9 (armored version) Features of Nano engine and interior elements

I do not want excuses, but I think your comment was unnecessary. :slight_smile: GL.


lot of nice concept artwork.
most of it are very detail and amazing feature.
but no offense, some of it are just too identical or similar concept.
i saw lot of them are rimless vehicle concept design.


Managed to find an hour today… started modelling the final (hopefully) high poly forearms, basically modelling the shapes I was playing with in the bump channel of the low poly parts. Hopefully, with the right textures and detailing these parts will start to get very “gundamish” Which reminds me… so far noone has touched on Gundam designs. I’m thinking if I can get my farm truck scene/s finished in time, I’d like to try a Turn A style mobile suit.

(is anyone else getting sick of the sight of yellow yet?..)
One thing I’m noticing a lot in this competition is most people are jumping on the super sleek aspect of Meads style. Don’t forget there is a lot of stuff like this. Meads style is quite broad


Here we go, finally think i may have put some work in progress up here, its the main propultion wheel, - will show more when I have a moment to do stuff but heres some shots to start with…



    This is my first time working on a chalenge here. There is some fabulous art work present in this thread already. A nice topic, I always loved the work of Syd.

I guess I was too slow, now that we have two Two-wheelers already. However since there are more than two four-wheelers and this one is slightly different I guess it is ok. I got the idea for this one when I had a look at Alex Jaegers tank (http://alxartblog.blogspot.com/) some weeks ago. I loved the idea of the tilted conical wheels and carried this to the extreme with 45 degrees of tilt. So below is what I have so far. The wheels are pretty close to what I am aiming for, the gear and bearing need still some work. The main body is still a placeholder.

    The driving direction is controlled tank-like i.e. by individual rotational speeds for both wheels. Stability in bends is increased by means of sheering as illustrated on the right. The two spheres will touch the ground during acceleration and breaking only and will be placed in proper bearing later. I really have problems imaging a vehicle like this accelerating or breaking without anything like that (but still I love [Genesisas entry](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=309&t=872338) ). 
  As for the setting: I think this will be on a racing course somewhere in the desert.
  I hope you like it and would be pleased to receive some c&c.


Mmmmmmkay. Well. What Can I say about this one.

Well, When I was doing it Was kinda thinking about Blade Runner… but in Tokyo for some reason. So I tried to get a japanese fella in there, might give him a sword or something, want to put more humans interacting with eachother. not sure where this is going.

And I also like to Thank TMunro for his compliment :slight_smile:



First observation, I like the design of the rims but shouldn’t the threads be the other way around to kind of grip the ground (assuming the wheel is coming towards the camera), currently (if my assumption is correct) the treads look like they’ll slip


Well, I apologize in advance for the ghetto-ness I’m about to bestow upon the thread. But when you’re bored at work, and just have to get an idea down pronto, what you get is the good 'ol ball point pen & legal pad sketch. Combine that with my sub-par sketching skills and you get the following. I’ll do my best to make up for it w/ a more proper dwg after work. :wink:

Edit: Image replaced, less horrible, but this is about as good as it gets from me w/ ps painting. Hope it gets the idea across well enough.

Anyway, it’s basically a twin-turbine crotch rocket hover bike.

Having always been as much of a motoring enthusiast as my paltry income has allowed me to be, I can say with confidence, there’s hands down nothing available to the common man that can compare to the experience of raw speed & acceleration you get from a modern sport bike.


Hello! This is almost my final composition layout. I hope you like it.

The vehicle is a diamagnetic levitation hovercraft vehicle. It has a fluid nano-composite shell on top that allows changing the vehicle’s top shape (the low part keeps the same according to manufacturers), through digital files provided by car manufacturers, so the customer pays for as many designs he want. Only Hackers will be able to tune/pimp the car :p. The aesthetic is based on 60’s 70’s US muscle cars (see the charger/challenger/camaro similar front “face” =P)
I think it is a past future that never was, where cold war spying and some unveiled alien visitors collaboration allowed the earlier development of diamagnetic levitation. The figure at the far left is a kind of bio robot, a cloned-muted human but programable as a guard. By the way I’m trying to figure out if this will be a party or a weekend meeting at the valley house. Well I have many other thoughts developed but don’t want to do my post very long.

About composition: I will be adding another parked vehicle to show the idea behind with opened doors, like mercedes gullwing ones but upside down.

I’m new in this kind of competition so any comments and suggestions are welcome. Sorry for my english and good luck to everyone.


I dont know why are you saying that its not finished! Although I cant see the whole image, I pretty much like the design! Its just… the detail, composition, chrome, futuristic, Meady… just awesome! The illustration is just as Syd will do, not too realistic. Its really cool this way!
Anyway good work man and good luck!


This is amazing, the biplane future concept is perfect. Is this a bombardier? In that case a target city horizon will be fantastic like a prelude to disaster. Maybe my suggestion is off-topic because Syd’s work is always optimistic (except for particular works), but I’d like to se that kind of scenario with this powerful machine. Good luck.


Nice work!. I like the one without wheels or wheeled but with a different wheel enclosure solution.
And the windscreens or windows maybe as a thin horizontal line, positioned lets say one third from top to bottom, just to give a sense of big scaled vehicle (my two cents). Good luck!


Some update
I have being working on mainly on this engine box, with is the heart of my machine.

Still long way to go, but with this I would have more clear idea where should I decide the placement for the racer, and chasis, etc…
I will keep posting my progress in time to time, but for small progress I will be posting in the site where this image come from.