Hi Gavin! Good luck on this, looks like some good competition.

Jesus Antonio: Love the race track approach.

Simon: good concept - makes you want to see the final.


Little update…


YES! YES! YES!..I LOVE IT! :bounce:

I was going to gripe about the tiny wheel on the back but was too sleepy last night to form a sentence…THIS IS LOVELY!..it really looks and feels like a heavy hauling beast now!!!


Well this is my first competition, but I really want to focus on my 2d and I am very interested in this challenge. I started earlier, but have been distracted by my work and other events, so I hope by posting continuously it will keep me motivated.

Here is what I have so far:


Hi, here’s my 3d model WIP of the drag racing bike…


Hey Ben, good to see you on here! Cheers for the support, and yep, there is definitely some good competition happening so far!


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: I’ve decided against that wheel set up though, its making the vehicle look a bit to much like a mining truck, and the large wheels in front made the vehicle seem aggressive, here’s a quick dirty composite (bored while waiting for a render) with a new wheel set up, the double front wheels are so it can stretch out and go faster on sealed roads, and I’ve moved the old tractor style wheels to the back to make them more “tractorish”

As always, comments are welcome

edit, wow, that compression really blew the colours out something wacky…)


Here’s an air car I’m developing, to be used in a scene for the challenge illustration. It is still in its early nascent stage. The grey spheres are to be propulsion drives. Even though I’m working out the design of the vehicle and perhaps architectural structures in 3d, I may do the illustration all in 2d. I’m not sure yet.

Good luck all. Learn something along the way and have some fun.


@Quadart, I was just looking at your cgportfolio, you make stunning images. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this challenge :slight_smile:


Decided to split the back wheels on this…the metal center ring between the two back wheels is what will hold the wheel to the body of the bike.
The Drive-unit is on a central hub that the rims and tires fit over…

Haven’t added the small details yet…like…handlebars and footrests etc.

Again, Comments and crits welcome :slight_smile:

@TMunore: Anything is better than the one tiny back wheel you had originally :slight_smile:


here it is my first concept…Hope you liked:)


here is my slight progress on my entry. most of the elements are far from finished or completely missing, but it’s getting there. any C&C are brutally appreciated. thanx :slight_smile:


Anything is better than the one tiny back wheel you had originally

Lol, yeah a few people have mentioned that :stuck_out_tongue: I actually pinched the wheel set up from this thing

You’re right though, the three wheel thing was never going to work:P

@Turbinea, That thing looks like it means business! I love the engines, very Deco.


Hi everyone again, I would like to show some of my modeling progress.
First of all, what am I doing here… :slight_smile: My futuristic wehicle will be some kind of racing car. To make it a bit more interesting I decided to make wheels like spheres, that way even on very high speed there will be minimum friction. Wheels will be very solid and do not force car to move. It will move from nuclear power, with couple of turbines in different places to control the alignment and direction of the car. As similar help I use couple wings to keep car stable on the road and to help breaking (I will make couple more from body later).
Style. I took similar idea on wheels from “tron” concept images. A lot of curved lines can be noticed in Syd’s images. Actually maybe someone can give me any good idea here. I am still keeping my model low poly for any changes. Thank you, a lot of nice images you have made already.


So Last night I was in a Drawing Fever, My little hamster claws were aching for some Creativity!! Did two other paintings aside from these ones. Really had that urge to slpatter some markings. Unfortunately after painting these with the mouse my hand started to cramp up, and Im not convinved with most of my w.i.p’s, not convinced to keep at it and polish them. I like to hop to one thing to another which is too darn bad for me. But I really want to curve myself before the end of this competition to refine a painting. for once-
But you can view the other two/ non-syd mead stuff i did last nite as well




This would be my first contest I’m entering via CGSOCIETY…

my previous design did reasonably ok in the blenderf1 challenge last year

This year, I plan to model the vehicle in 3D then roll it back to an illustration as I paint over it.
Here’s the first initial concept which has already changed in fact (Particularly the nose)

Hope you like:

The idea is a practical vehicle used within an under-developed Mars setting.


I lack the 2D illustration skills to actually approach Syd Mead’s visual style, so I’m focusing on studying his design basis, his actual mechanical trace, in order to develop my proposal.

The F.I.S.H.: a fast personal vehicle. It is based on simple mechanics and suspension principles (aside from it’s pioneer maneuvering system: the front body integrates spaceship engineering, with omni directional thrusters and Jet based hovering tech.)

The final entry will be presented as a 3D render of the vehicle in a wind-tunnel / engineering room scene.

A couple of design stages. First sketches where originaly inspired by nature felines such as lions and panthers.



@Shraak: I’m sure I saw the Thunder Tank (from ThunderCats) in one of yer sketches…made me smile :slight_smile: Nice Progression.

@Paulius3D: Woah, can’t wait to see that finished…My shoddy opinion says that I think the wings on the nose and at the front kind of break up the smooth continuous curve…I don’t think they need to be there…I like the smooth uninterrupted curves…BUT that’s just me…I still love the design :slight_smile:

I got a little rider-analog-dude-thing to sit in and help me determine the best seating configuration (he had a busy schedule and he managed to free up some time for me :p) . I want the handle-bars to be able to allow for sitting upright and crouching down (like he is now)

C&C more than welcome…


CS1, The chopper is coming along great!
Ryan Walsh, I love the Truck sketch, very retro future rover style.


hello, nice to everyone.
First of all say I’m new to the community and yet not I explain a lot, do not speak English well above, so forgive me for my mistakes.
This is the first thing that I post … and not as upload an image, you can see the concept here.

you can see it here too


The model is made in Maya, the power pipes will surely finish it off, for not yet convinced. Hope you like it.