Stormgetto: It’s intriguing, but is there any chance you could give us a bit more clearer view ? It’s kinda hard to see the shape of it mate right now.


Here is my sketch for now
link: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/7383/avtosf001.jpg


here’s my first entry concept ACE 7

my second entry concept Audia Serano

MY WIP THREAD ---------- http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=309&t=872323


Managed to find another hour to work on this thing, still playing with the forms, whenever I design vehicles (which isnt that often) I tend to work in profile so, interpreting the design in a 3d space is always a bit of an experimental process. I’m trying to work in reference’s to agriculture and large fibreglass products from the 60’s.I just hope I can find enough time to make the scene I’m imagining. I think when working in Meads style, the scene is almost more important than the vehicles, which tend to only take up a small area of the total image.

comments and crits welcome :slight_smile:


davek1979: Thanks for the “intriguing”. About the scketch, it is very confusing even for me at the moment.:blush:
I never designed something industrial before, so I might be taking some steps that are not very usual to designing process.
Something like, I wouldnt start from the design itself, but from what it inside and how that works. I found that this would be the easiest way for me to achieve a "style" (Syd Style from my point of view with is "clean & believable" + futuristic) that is not what Im use to.

So just to make it a BIT more clear about what the previous scketch mean, is something like that image.
Actually in the previous image is fliped in vertical way, but has the engine block, the “super conductors” for non-gravity generators, the crutch box with connect gas engine with main “conductor”, and how those “diagram” with looks like the Da Vinci schematic will help on the design is how Im setting the size, the racer range of view (in green), and from some book that I saw, I found that our body mostly recognize the balance and feel the "G" force, by the movement of the organ mainly by intestin, stomach that moves more easilly inside our body (since it is not caged with bones), plus the brain and stuff that is more far from my understanding. That why I placed "center of balance" of the body as the center of the all shape of the vehicle. (This is complete my thinking, nothing scientistic proved, I just believe that in that way racer body can feel more the vehicle) And behind has the Standart Gas-Engine, with connect to Crutching Box, with connect main Super Conductor with will generate the magnectic field "as earth has a magnetic field" to generate the non-gravity force, here once again with the insipiration of Da Vinci diagram schematic, I placed the center of main Super Conductor magnetic field as the center of the "back" cicle. (Again my thinking, the impulse of the engine located in the same proportional distance from the "arc" generated by the racer, and in the future would have stabilizer on the front side with also will be placed in the same proportional distance but a bit lower, would give a perfect balance making the center of everything as the "balance pivot" of the racer) I promisse this would be the longest reply I would post it here, Im just still looking for another place where I can post all my WIP with explanation of what I`m doing.
So after I get that place , I will attach the link and welcome to everyone who want to follow my crazy fictional unproved science.


Hi everyone, there is my first concept draft for my entry. I think I will add more detail and change some parts later in the modeling process…


Just exploring the vehicle design… Don’t know if I start in this competition yet.


@CGDigi, I’m loving the lines on the Serano, very classy


I’m seeing a lot of potential ideas in this thread. Good luck to everyone.

I spent the last week studying Mead’s work, and trying to find my direction. Now that I feel like I’m on track, I’ll share my ideas here as I believe that it shows good sportsmanship. So cheers to those of you sharing your works in progress.

My design is a type of van. I’m trying to be ultra conscious of adding in various Syd Mead inspired aspects: The large bubble windshield, gull-wing doors, flat back end, rimless wheels, etc.




Well… Not much to say.Think the top one Ive been working on it for a few days since my last post. And the Bottom one, Took me like 1:20 minutes last nite?


Wow…There are really great designs on here. I’m giddy just watching the amazing progress of the designs. :eek:

I’ve been hacking away at this design for the past few days, changing things here and there mostly for the sake of functionality and then for the look. I like the chopper configuration. I want to get the feeling of a cheetah stretched out in mid-sprint and a running stallion.

Original Sketch:

I changed the main body to fit more with the arc of the long front fender.The front spoke and fender is just the way I want it, so it is basically  smoothed and more complete looking. Everything from the "neck" of the  bike to the back wheel is still unfinished:

From this I have conjured up two versions:

A: With the rear wheel driver unit set more in the middle:

B: With the rear wheel driver unit set lower...I figure this will give better traction as the weight of the bike is on the wheel directly over the road.

I am leaning more towards version B. I like the way it somehow breaks the traditional line of the chopper-styling of the bike. What do you guys think?

The middle of the body is hinged in two places to act as a shock for the rear wheel.
Comments and crits more than welcome :)


Some quick scribbles on a profile render, trying to work out exactly how this thing will go together. The cockpit will be on an articulated neck structure, and the front wheels will be able to sort of stand upright, I’m still deciding on how this will work mechanically, I’m trying to loosely reference Gundam, Tron and Aliens, while sticking to the 60’s bionic/agriculture theme I’m shooting for. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out a ham fisted pastiche :stuck_out_tongue: . The general Idea is this tractor/truck type thing is supposed to be reminiscent of a bee, it behaves as a collection vehicle, transporting the big pod on its back to a station where a monorail thing loads the pods and takes them off to a city, I haven’t started the train yet but, the point of focus in the illustration will be the pods themselves, with the scene narrative based around them, and how they are handled.

as always, comments and crits are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Scorpion- A recreation of Syd Mead’s Blade Runner, Spinner. I wanted to bring back the old school and recreate a whole new spinner. Drawing vehicles are my specialty. I hope you guys like it, more to come…

Damn what a Great concept, You people are way out of my league. 27th is my birthdate :D

wow just found out M@ is forum leader very interesting. Welcome!


here is my concept…
3 wheeler on spheres for perfect tracktion control …
first concept more to come…


FkMaster thats sick dude, Great work
just a quick blob of nothing i attempted, i dont think i will work on it further becuase it got off track. hehe. You know, it be a useful vehicle if it snows in u have to get to work or or… You want to take your family for a cruise in a field or something. Or maybe some high performance racing


So I started the modeling…

Let`s see how fast I can finish it.


Cdorius Very Nice Treads !


Trying out some different wheel set-ups, I think I prefer 6 wheels to 3.
somehow managed to loose my bump channel in this render… have to love bodypaint…


Looks much better with six.