Some seriously cool designs coming through now, really impressed. Nicholas, your image is turning out very nicely. its now very clean looking. as opposed to your earlier image…great effort all :).




This is my first time at a competition like this, and the all of your work is excellent, so i hope i can come close to that quality.

Here is my first WIP, all c&c is welcomed

Good luck to you all!!!


Hi there guys!
Awesome design you have in here :wink: I like all the works, keep it up!
Thanks for this challenge, will be a pretty big fun to take part in it

Here is my very rough 3d skecth… just to test some shapes and designs. I’ll start the final modelling in the beginning of may, so several changes will be made on the car

this is a single-seater 2 wheeler scooter… I don’t find a good name to it :wink:



i m thinking to create a futuristic drag racing scene, so here’s my concept for the vehicle, i will create the final image using 3d


Can someone help me, why can’t I post wip into this forum as I am working on this challenege and want to put up renders… I am a cgsociety member etc… can someone help… thanks matt


Just a quick question as to the mode of submission. Does it have to be a 3D model. Or are we allowed to do a painting instead?


So far I understand both.



I know it is a bit late to say that, but.

I was woundering, why this competition doesn`t have a individual thread for the entries?
I mean, all the WIP for all the people are posted here, with makes a bit confuse to see the progression of everyone.
Specially for the first concept ideas that people are having, some are located in the middle of the thread.
It is a very fast competition but I believe will have alot more people entrying to this comp. judging by the title, price and people related to it.

PS: Ops, sorry I just saw in the Faqs:
"No. This is not like a CGChallenge. There are no work in progress requirements. All you have to do is upload your entry before the deadline of June 30, 2010. "


For best view details please click on the image

Features soon :slight_smile:



So much fun doing them with a mouse, you get a particular placement of things with the mouse which has a practical use whem forming intresting shapes…
Well if I had to guess im pretty sure Syds favorite colours are orange and red.
I think it is going to be a Challenge when you have to keep in-mind to invent Ideas, and to incorporate them into your designs, thats a very tricky part.


Very nice, Marat-Ars. :applause:
Would love to see a 3/4 view, or in a scene.


Hi, I think I am finished with this, not sure if I will add some people, let me know what you think and good luck to all :slight_smile:


Hey, Mark. Thanks man.

There is still a lot of work. There will be many more angles. The final 3D image will be filed with the environment in the style of SYD MEAD. So a lot of work.

As I wrote earlier.

Design was developed taking into account the transformation of the body. Thus the police can catch criminals and offenders on the streets of the city (speed option), off-road (mode - buggy) and in the air. The basis of the engine lay - nanotechnology.

Stages of work:

  1. Concept (Complete)
  2. Features (Started)
  3. 3D model (with the modeling of interior police equipment)
  4. Environment
  5. Final composition(main shot + few another camera angles)


Syd Mead style is very Traditional. I dont even think that, what we all are doing is right using computer aided technology, HAHA. Mind you im sure he might have used photoshop for the flashy flare thing going on. i used this for reference for my picture


I cant seem to start a wip thread, so I’ll post this in here. This is the beginning of my transport system, Just playing with texture ideas at the moment, getting a feel for different palettes and such. The shape itself is quite simple but, it is part of a scene that I aim to build up that will hopefully convey a sort of 60’s optimistic futurist/bionic narrative


hey everybody,
my concept:
we are in 2124,
an air cruise company proposes to visit the area last frost on earth…
a small conceptual illustration to see!
thanks for comments.



Ok…I’m in. Some great looking ideas coming in.

Here’s mine so far. Not sure yet if the finished piece will be 2D or a 3D. Think i’m leaning toward 2D for this one.

C&C more than welcome

XG Racer.

Trike variation.


Hopefully this gives a slightly clearer idea of what I’m aiming for, no wheels yet but getting there slowly.


Early WIP:


Hi all.

My entry for this comp. would be the idea of “street” racer in the future, but since the idea is not to limit only to “street”, Im giving the title as Illegal Racer. This image is my first spark, it is very early image, and difficult to understand but I really want it to post it right away, I couldnt hold myself…veeery excited.
I will make some WIP for this in another site (for self progress tracking). “I will post the link later here”
Futher explanation would be included as soon I start making the vehicle.
But as initial point I will be following some rules that I set for myself:

  • Futuristic “obviouly” (Base on the Syd Mead works, specially Blade Runner “I just love it, I got the Blue-Ray last week”)
  • Functional “as much as I can” (non-gravity generator, hybrid with standart gas engine, power and speed, on top since it is underground stuff has to looks like improvised and cheap, at least accessable in the some sort of “black market”)
  • Simple (I never tried to make something so clean designed as Syd Mead concept, so I will be using “Da Vinci” principle to achieve the form and shape of object “as many Da Vinci planning, try to keep it logical”, balance it and try to keep it as simple as possible.)

Alot to think and to do, but as I said before, something just sparked into my mind.
You know when some idea just fire it in the mind and you just want to make it?
So that what happen to me right now.

Good luck all, and let enjoy.