just after a bit of clarification…

i’ve never participated in one of these NVart challenges so whats the stance on WIP posts? I see you mentioned they’re not required, but can i still post one if I wish?

am i likely to get much feedback on said WIP post seeing as the community aspect seems a little discouraged?


Just wanted to check, I was going to create a thread in this section to put some wip images in rather than keep posting them in this thread, but I’m getting a message saying I don’t have permission to, any ideas why anybody?



edit Nevermind…lol Just re-read the rules and saw we can’t do that, cool, will post here instead.


Got a start on my convertible trike thingy, am working slowly on it as I’d like it to be as close as possible to actually having a chance of working in reality, although I don’t know that much about mechanics or engineering so may not end up that way at all! lol

So far I’ve got the three wheels in there, and there is a small unit on each wheel that would send an Ion blast into small cups on a track located on the inner rim of said wheel, causing it to rotate. Just working on the body/pod of it at the moment, trying to work out how the rear wheels will fit into it when it converts into single wheel “Accelerate” mode.


Unwrap - Thanks, glad you like it!

Genesisa - Cheers! I’m keeping the shape simple because I’m a totally degenerate designer. I hope the colour and the rest will make up for that :slight_smile:

(I’ve got a WIP thread in the forum that I’ll update a couple of times more and then post the final image there too)


Ok! this is how im going… i hope you enjoy… and please give me some critics!!


looks pretty neat, however I wouldnt want to be in the crowd if one of those things crashed. :argh:


hehe im thinking about to put a glass or something… but whats the exitement :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: in syds image there a race of giant dogs and they dont have any protection either hahaha… ill see what can i do


not entirely sure whether my skill-set is evolved enough to be doing a challenge… but just in case i’m able to create something good, i wanted to “patent” my design so as not to have problems later on…


correct me if im wrong but… we are able to post as meny entry as we want right? if thats the case… im going to do another one and this is my idea… i got overexited with the theme… this is kind of romantic one… the title will be something like “Pick you up at noon”

is this guy coming with his fancy flyingcar to pick his girlfriend. . . i hope you like it!!


HEy, I create a speed sketch of my second car in my life :smiley:


and wheres the car velendil?


I think only one entry per person :s


I think it says in the rules that you can enter as many times as you like.

I’ve been working a bit more on my entry today, got most of the body done, just working out how the wheels will fold in when converting between modes.Having loads of fun doing this anyhow, and that’s the main thing!


rule number six. . .
6. Multiple entries are permitted.

that means we can upload more than one entry?


No, multiple entries are allowed:)


Yep, the more the merrier


Very good I was doing my only design and thoug that would be cool to be able to do more, no I can, thanks for clear this up


is it sarcasm ? :slight_smile: Or the image is not showing ?


i dont see any image! thats why i ask :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s showing up for me, maybe try checking in another browser?