Greetings all,
I wanted to make one last post before submitting my final to see if there were any critiques that could be helpful.

The SMV-1 is a sleek, luxury hover-car; built to get there fast and look good doin’ it.

Thanks for looking and good luck to all.


I am planning on finishing this up very soon and am looking for any suggestions you all may have. I will be painting in the hair and all the fine details but was hoping for some feedback. Thanks!


Its Amazing how many entries and awesome quality on the images for this challenge. here are some study sketches I made during the challenge, I hope youll like it.




Hi everybody this is my concept and done just in 3-4 days in hurry





and finally this shot :

thx for comments




Works for the contest is over?


if you looked at the date for the deadline, you could have figured that one out.

yes it is over.


Hi every body, I’m really really sorry to post my works in your threat, I’m not familiar with the forums and I tried to create a threat for my work but I couldn’t.
Sorry again


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