here is a sketch showing how this vehicle can turn without turning the back wheels…:slight_smile:



Not posted in a while but here’s a quick mock up for an action shot of the rear of my vehicle. Will probably do 3 illustrations in total but might not submit them all.

Thanks for looking.


After x iterations and changes I finally got the idea down and have started to block it out:

Just trying to get down the shape and proportions of a single module.

  What it is: It is a single module of a wind powered "snake like" water vehicle that consists of 

numerous before mentioned modules.

The big thing on the top is one of the four rotary sails powering the vehicle. They raise and fold
according to their position in the rotation cycle and wind direction. The angle adjustable blades, that
rotate in the opposite direction related to the sails, connected to the support ring provide the


Hi everybody, its quite short time to accomplish this prototype, but here it is overall shape of my MT-15 (MASUIFU TORANSUPOTA). I have seen many great projects, and hope somebody give my some crits. This is basic idea, need to be more curvy maybe…


hi, I continue working on my image. And must say my respect to Syd growing every time I detailing this stuff. He is madman with all that reflections, perfect perspective and shapes, and everything traditionally painted, huh :bowdown:


Hello everyone. I want to show the concept of policeman and his electric rifle. A couple of days will show the final image. good luck to all. :slight_smile:


Думаю один из победителей уже определился :slight_smile:

Желаю удачи и первого места!

I think one of the winners have already determined

Good luck and the first place!


Хехе. Спасибо Генри. :slight_smile: Даже если не займу никакого места, было интересно поработать в этой категории, если честно я вообще не автомобилист “н//фига”…хаха… это моя вторая моделька автомобиля, первую делал еще в 2003 году по уроку в книге, и забросил. Сам не знаю зачем участвую :stuck_out_tongue: Но все равно интересно. И тебе тоже удачи в финале.


The policeman looks amazing :eek: cant wait to see your entry!


Я тоже не автомобилист. Больше по фантастическому концепт дизайну! Но очень нравится творчество Сида Мида!

I’m not a car-modeller too. More on the fantastic concept design! But it’s like Syd Mead’s art and concept work!


Type freakin english.
it’s in the rules.


Nothingness, you forgot the additional link http://encyclopediadramatica.com/ENGLISH_MOTHER****ER_DO_YOU_SPEAK_IT :buttrock:


Dont panic man. nothing special. We just talked :slight_smile:


Wow, I am so late to this party! Here is a concept that I started today, I hope I have time to finish it. The guy in the lower right will be holding a sling-shot. Let me know if you have any suggestions on it so far.

And the sketch I started with:


Jason, are you sure the bus is safe for kids? Anyway, lets see how fast you are :slight_smile:


that is dangerous.


Hi everyone, I am fairly late in the game for making any sort of big changes but I would like to hear what you all think of this thing here. The texture work isnt finished and there are people on the way into the scene tomorrow if all goes well. Thanks a bunch for taking a look! Good luck to all in the competition, baby need a new pair of shoes!


Nate, this looks great. It has loads of potential with the right saturation and color adjustment. The architecture and plants are very Mead-esk. With the right saturation the environment, especially the upper left area, would make it the most Syd Mead-like in the contest so far, IMO.

Crits: The sky is too contrasty and dramatic. It looks out of place.
I’d get rid of the row of disks and make the car a little bigger.


I hope it won’t be too late for me to finish my entry. Here’s a wip, basically just laying out some base shapes…


I’m working on the final image… those are test renderings… I was looking for the best camera position…

So much to do, so little time!