Tmunro; Im using the Bamboo Wacom. I was thinking of getting the Intuos4 but, The small wacom dose the same and cheaper. Make do with what you got" Is my best moto.


My modeling WIP police interceptor / Armored version



Hand Crafted Originally last night, no cheating.

Just for funz


New detail added …


Some Randoms last night


lots of great artist here, good luck to all


Yea, one month until the. Dead. Line


I have already one submit (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=309&t=888139 ) but these are two new vehicle…
It is hard to make good composition for a vehicle…


Hi guys, this is I going with to this challenge. I focused on really old-school looking concept of some future car. Especially on Syds work I love the cuby and geometrical stuff, which inspired me for this one. But also love his shinny round designs which are very typical for him. So in final image want to combine all this stuff to get some old-school design mood.
Here is car sketch and image progress


LOVE the red sketched truck!. Tell me, was this done by sketching over a blocked in 3d model/paint over type thing? Or just free hand sketching and blocking in colour? I really like the look of the image ( in know its just a wip shot but, I enjoy looking at sketches and progress shot almost more finished images sometimes)


TMunro: thanks :slight_smile: It´s a pen hand sketch, scanned and colored in PS. I love looking work progress also, must agree that sometimes it´s better than final.


just Junk. I wish i can just focus on one paint. BUT NO! Got to jump around like a frog and not finnish any. ftw

But look on the bright side. Atleast I developed a Kewl signature’


Lots of nice stuff in here! Good luck all!

Here’s the last WIP pic I’ll be posting here. The vehicle is nowhere near complete. The illustration is going to be a 2d-3d combo. The raised glass is just a proxy now. This will be a full color piece.

Hopefully I’ll get it done on time. :surprised


Everybodys designs are really coming on, there’s some great work on here.

Here’s bit of an update, mainly in terms of the lighting, environment and rendering. I’m just starting to think about the composition for the final image now and once rendered will do a pass in photoshop adding dirt, textures etc.
I decided to change the ground/environment as the other terrain was really buging me, I think this simpler approach puts more emphasis on the vehicle.

Thanks for looking.


finally, i have achieved the cockpit model …


Feel free to comment…
thanks for looking :slight_smile:


Great progress there, …everyone keep it up!

EDIT: I cant finish it.


I really like this update whit that fans there…it gives a better balance to the vehicle. That’s a good and solid concept design. waiting to see more develop…


Yea few sketchs last night. nothing fancy, im not sure. Going with the flow


Why do the fans need to fold like that. seems pointless mechanics to me. But A Good Concept, The Fan Idea is Great! Imagine the convection of airflow you can get when the vehicle is in motion, I think a smooth airflow to the auxiliary fans could increase speed production.
Something ive been thinking of recently. Instead of airflow going over and around the vehicle, why cant it be convection through the vehicle as well. Air resistance place a big part in vehicle speed. Why fight airflow when you can use it as an advantage.