Yo! Some good stuff turning up here!

Latest sketch here -http://i959.photobucket.com/albums/ae74/bolt_2010/sketches/bike_28.jpg

<a href=“http://s959.photobucket.com/albums/ae74/bolt_2010/sketches/?action=view&current=bike_28.jpg” target="_blank"><img src=“http://i959.photobucket.com/albums/ae74/bolt_2010/sketches/bike_28.jpg” border=“0” alt=“Photobucket”></a>

and also on the sketch site - http://digitalosis.wordpress.com/

So I guess my future bike is not too distant - just need to get to fuel cells. I’m going to try and show the water cooling system with a bit of colour. Was cruising my oblagon and sentury books for inspiration and I figured a mead vehicle pretty much has to have closed disk wheels! Definitely helps give the Mead feel. So this is just wip - more colour - and then, maybe the most important - the setting!

madmatt - looking cool - some more angles?
HooBleedyHooBlah - I would say just develop one of the three you have - time’s a big factor right? They all have potential…
RyanWalsh - holy crap! Pull through fella…
MikeDee - like it, very cool - but maybe it’s too ‘badass’ for Mead?! What do I know!?
Dphippen - very contemporary and clean volumes. I like a bit of functionality!
chrisskinner78 - I think you’ve got the right decade for Mead. Your side profile reminds me a bit of the Bertone Stratos Zero.
paulius3d - Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciated. I think the details pull it together into the future a bit more… But maybe it needs some more panels? Mead’s designs were always very geometrical closed volumes… Thoughts?


Hiya guys. I’ve been watching this competition, and plan on entering my own entry once it’s actually ready, and must say. There are some truly awesome concepts here.

Just a note, or at least a general reminder.

Since I haven’t been able to practically apply my ideas due to time constraints in a uni term, I have had the availability to research in lectures and whatnot. In that time I’ve managed to draw out a few things on Mead’s work.

First and foremost was that he’d always supply his concepts within a world. He not only designed and researched his devices, but also the world in which they appeared. I believe he terms this as Necessity. Which I interpreted as to mean, “Whatever needs to come to be to combat the changing environment.” Humans are a species that will adapt to their environment, force it to adapt to them, or create something to allow them to adapt to it.

So while considering your concepts, try to consider what they’re being used for, the wider context in which they will be used, and WHY they are being used. In other words, “What reason does the concept have to exist?”

Secondly what his liking of the natural world. He often juxtaposed or placed the mechanical in direct relation to the organic. Sometimes the mechanical would be clearly shown to be based off of an organic form, in the case of the Tokyo Races picture depicting the mechanical dog things. In other cases it was more obtuse, there simply being a natural environment around the concept, gardens, homes and people, for instance.

Mead’s work is highly mechanical. He studied mechanical engineering, I believe, in university, or a similar subject, and has clearly taken cues from that learning. Many of his creations are purely practical, with few embellishments. Designed purely to do their jobs, and no more. If the job was to look good, then they looked good. In the case of the Marine spaceship from alien, it was designed as a huge gun with thrusters on the back. Purely practical, but evokes what it was supposed to be used for, and the context of it.

So guys, while you’re obviously enjoying the concept design. Don’t forget to put those concepts inside of a solid world as well. Make sure that they look as if they should be, as if there could have been no alternative created to take their place.

Sid Mead also has a very strong differentiation between the lighter and darker elements of his image. There is a very good dynamic range in his creations, as well as a strong sense of realism despite being stylised by the guache paints he uses.

Anyways, hope they help you a bit. Good luck to all!


Draigr all artists have there own style and elements they use. Its all about how well they choose to express it. And like all artists we all deviate from inspiration. Its hard to particularly analyze Meads work. Its hard to grasp an entire artists body and compartmentalization into the creations.


I’m quite aware of this. That’s why I offered my own thoughts on the matter. I will point out though. While all artists have their own style, the competition requirement is to do transport in the style of Syd Mead. I’m sure we’re all quite aware that not meeting project requirements is very likely to mean a failed project, no matter how good the quality. Though that does depend on the client. Even Syd Mead admits to doing so because he didn’t get the requirements right.

So while we are certainly not required to try to analyse his suitably prodigious quantity of work and copy from it, we are required to work out what we believe to be his style and create from there.

I meant no offense in my comments, and do not believe them to be at all inherently offensive. You may correct me to that matter if you wish, but I do stand by them.


Ive seen nothing on these forums yet that even closely resembles syd style.


I would say I’ve seen a number of concepts that seemed to have nailed it well enough, and many that have the beginnings of his signature aesthetic choices.

But it is a problem if you can’t see any that resemble his style, isn’t it?

Indeed. What do you consider to be ‘his style’. Seeing as you do have to do the art piece in it.


why not ?
i dont think, they mean…" copy syd style" or “reproduce syd style”


Ya well I dont know.
The biggest thing thats bugging me is the fact that Syds work is all traditional.
Meanwhile everyones getting out there modelling applications, photomanipulations, tablets. and Going ahead interpreting syd mead work.

And then we take a look at the panel of judges. Most of them have a scientific knowledgment. Maybe there looking for transportation inventions that are more realistic. Maybe they want artists to be more on the scientific inventor side of constructing things. Maybe there looking for green energy vehicles.

maybe they want to see wind turbines with a funnel chases so it can create more electricity output.
I like the magnification solar panel Wired publicized I think its such an extrodinary, yet easy concept to understand

Why dont I see more artists exploring different concepts of modern vehicles that could possibly change modern transprotation. When were thinking 25 years from now are we thinking of a Fuel economy, or are we thinking of magnificent ways to advance the industry.

Im not talking about the same commercials you see all the time on tv of the latest new vehicle trend that has looked the same as last years. Im talking about something more profound and ultimate. more realistic rather than fictional.

All im saying is maybe they want to see something more than just something cute on wheels.


I agree with you entirely. I noted that the judges were not all artistic in origin - Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters will likely be examining from a technical, scientific standpoint on whether or not a transport design is actually practical, and less from an artistic one.

Syd’s work may be traditional, but clever use of filters in most programs capable of doing post processing, as well as setting up the scene properly can get the same vibe. Indeed, if you examine previous competitions, 3D modelling was used to interpret a surrealist painter quite successfully.

It’s hardly impossible, just difficult. But that’s part of the challenge. Interpreting Syd’s and creating your work appropriately, as well as making it realistic. I’ve personally spent the last five weeks conceptualising my own idea because of this very fact: I want it to look like it could really happen.


Well… I hear Ethanol maybe the next solution, atleast the farmers will be happier


i agree with the concepts…here is lack of practical ideas…
but i dont think they wanna them same tradional painterlook…


Mmmmm. I can’t paint, so I have to do my best with the tools at hand. I’m going for a “design in the style of Syd Mead”. I’ll try and do my best to present it in a way that resembles Syd Mead’s work (composition, coloring,… ) but not trying to imitate his style of painting (because I plainly can’t )

I myself am a mechanical engineer, so I know a bit about that. When I see a futuristic concept of any sort, my engineering training takes control first, and see why it could (or couldn’t) work. After that first shock, the artist in me recovers and I can see the artistic license on it. However, there is always a sense of “that’s impossible” that remains in the background and detracts from some artwork. A typical example is a wheel: in order to work a weel must be a cylinder with a flat profile. That’s the shape that maximizes the contact patch and minimizes it’s internal shear(Motorcycle’s wheels are special because bikes have to lean, and in fact a bike’s wheel’s contact patch has a lot of shear). A sphere, a cone… that simply won’t do, but we see a lot of artwork using those shapes and we accept it. I seem to recall having seen a spherical wheel even in Mead’s work.

Having said that, I see a lot of Syd Mead’s work that breaks that rule in the fact that’s really impractical or it’s so futuristic that there is no known technology that could do that. I believe the trick is to show it in a way that, even if you know it can’t work, there are some connections to what you know now that your brain still accepts it.

I am working in a concept that I know wouldn’t work in real life. I started with something I believed could work, and slowly stylised it till it reached a point in which it couldn’t, but its aestetically pleasant (at least to me) and it’s not so detracted from reallity that you won’t believe it. (I don’t have any pictures in this computer, it started as a hovercraft and now it’s just an elongated body with a supporting fan at each side).

I believe a good design is something that takes into consideration what currently exists and what can really happen in a proyected future. 25 years from now we will be driving exactly the same kind of vehicles that we were driving 25 years ago. The basic structure of a car hadn’t changed much in the last century.

Compare this to this

That’s 25 years in the story of a car. Can’t see much difference in that. :wink:


Well, the brief is “Images of future transport : In the style of Syd Mead” I take this as meaning utilising Mead’s styling conventions. I don’t think the judges are looking for gouache on art board, or the competition would have been hosted on a forum dedicated to traditional media, and not one dedicated to computer graphics. The competition is sponsored by a graphics hardware manufacturer after all. RyanWalsh mentioned he hasn’t seen anything resembling Meads style, personally, I think this is open to interpretation and is largely based on the audience’s familiarity with Mead’s body of work. The brief is, I believe, intentionally vague. There is no mention of which future, or what’s being transported. A pipe is a transport system for water, blood cells transport oxygen. I may be wrong but, I believe the word “vehicle” is never even mentioned. By definition, all future is fantasy as it can only be imagined until it’s experienced. The majority of meads work is commissioned. He doesn’t wake up and decide to paint a spaceship for Lulz, most of the work we’re all familiar with, was to satisfy the particular needs of a client. I think this is an important factor to consider.


From the contest main page:

In this, the fifth NVArt competition, artists from all over the world are challenged to create vehicle designs for a future on the move … transport in the style of Syd Mead.

Yes, vehicles are specifically mentioned :wink:

P.S.: Now you only have to figure out if a Gungam-like robot fits into “vehicle”.


Lol, you’re right, “vehicle” is specifically stated, not sure how I managed to miss that :stuck_out_tongue:
on the subject of Gundam type things, one definition of vehicle I found was “any conveyance in or by which people or objects are transported” Id say that covers mobile suits. In all honesty, I don’t expect to win with the robot, it just looked like a fun project that was a little different than a lot of the other entries :slight_smile:



I think there are some interesting discussions going on amongst you guys… On the parameters. I guess I can only design from my viewpoint… I think if we’re aiming for the style of syd mead - we need to deliver the mechanical rationale and solid mechanical validity combined with badass wild imaginative designs in an explosively engaging scenario. I lifted that from Daniel Simon’s book…!!

I’ve been working on detail design so here’s my latest sketch. You can also check it out on the sketch blog. http://digitalosis.wordpress.com/

<a href=“http://s959.photobucket.com/albums/ae74/bolt_2010/sketches/?action=view&current=bike_28.jpg” target="_blank"><img src=“http://i959.photobucket.com/albums/ae74/bolt_2010/sketches/bike_28.jpg” border=“0” alt=“Photobucket”></a>

So I was looking through oblagon and sentury trying to get some inspiration and I figured a few things. I want my entry to have the technical feeling of Deckard’s car… But also I think if it’s Mead style - you gotta include solid disk wheels! I’m also going to make the wheel tread super technical with a bit of functionality thrown in. I think Syd’s designs were always quite dynamic but very clean volumes - so I’m going to try and reflect that in my hydrogen cell. I’m starting to add some colour to communicate the lights and also the water feedback cooling system for the motors.

Feedback for all the crew-
MikeDee - that’s looking super badass and lightweight. Like the spike tread.
HooBleedyHooBlah - I’d detail up one of those three rather than continue your search. They all have potential - and it’ll give you more time on the details.
madmatt - I think the development is coming along well. Looking forward to your next post.
JBrant - Your volumes feel like they’re from the right decade for Mead.
Dphippen - I really like that. Simple, clean and precise. I think the right setting could really set it on fire. Film premier Mead style?!
chrisskinner78 - your side profile reminds me of the Bertone Stratos Zero. Which was awesome. But I think you lost some of the clean simplicity - Maybe that’s just me.
Lastly - not least - paulius3d - Thanks for the feedback - it’s much appreciated. I think the details are beginning to get it Mead like - and the solid wheels… I think your spherical wheels aid the Meadness of your work as I feel his designs were driven a lot by geometry.

Right - I’ve got lots more paint and colour work to do. I’ll have some alias screengrabs on the blog this weekend.


Oh and ryanwalsh - I seriously hope you’re feeling better my man.


Okay. I read some articles interviewing Syd Mead. And People are always facinated by the concept of flying vehicles hovering vehicles. So when asked by Dr. Syd hes reply seems uncertain I think his best reply would be Throw vehicles in a Big Tube filled with antimatter.

People are convinced that flying vehicles are the future. But to people ever analyze the atmospher

[li] The earth’s atmosphere is a very thin layer wrapped around a very large planet.[/li][li] Two gases make up the bulk of the earth’s atmosphere: nitrogen (), which comprises 78% of the atmosphere, and oxygen (), which accounts for 21%. Various trace gases make up the remainder.[/li][li] Based on temperature, the atmosphere is divided into four layers: the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere.[/li][li] Energy is transferred between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere via conduction, convection, and radiation.[/li][li] Ocean currents play a significant role in transferring this heat poleward. Major currents, such as the northward flowing Gulf Stream, transport tremendous amounts of heat poleward and contribute to the development of many types of weather phenomena.[/li][/ul]So. Analyzing what the Atmosphere is mostly made up of. NITROGEN
Can we not figure out a way to harness the energy of Nitrogen. This Buoyant Substance with relation to the earths atmosphere comprised into singular devices for transportation, with the help of electrocuting its matter to increase nitrogen capabilities

People dont want to see wheels anymore, they want to see 5th Element style flying vehicles!

nitrogen wiki


Here’s a some nice quotes from Mead
“The only contemporary car line, that I think is beautifully done, is the Austin Martins, the roadster and the coup. They’re taut, they have a continuity to the shape, it closes in on itself and, they’re beautiful cars”

Q: How do you feel about spoilers?
Mead: "(laughing) They're ridiculous, the Porche has one that rises up and, I think, what, at 30mph? oh please.. Its testosterone hype, and it means absolutely nothing because the person that owns that car, is just simply not going to drive it that fast.

"If you're going to do a future, the future doesn't start from zero. It starts from right now, so everything is here already.. .. You have to have a familiarity as the hook and you overlay it, sort of make it a little bit odd. That's why I always put people in my illustrations, because, thats the hook.

"The whole thing of inventing the future is, starting with now, and you say, OK, what would be the ideal way to have this really, if you could do it, look"

There is quite a bit of stuff out there about him. I've seen a part of one of the Gnomon workshop DVD's he did, its quite useful, he talks a bit about the types of shapes and lines he likes, and why. He also talks about certain things he likes in environments and influences from history he likes to include.

My personal opinion of the future of realistic air (people) transport is, in 50 years we’ll probably see blended wing aircraft in commercial use, hopefully something like the concord will make a return, maybe in 80-100 years, aircraft will be powered by liquid fluoride reactors for lower carbon emissions. Maybe for goods transport we’ll see airships return, they are comparatively green vehicles.


As a city developes on planet Ziron, the people gradually become aware that the Terrain is hard to travel on. Vehicles are unable to move on land so technology moves forward creating a new type of transporation. Mechanical robots transformed to mimic animal behaviour. I-Toad becomes a hit as it scales far up from boulders and moves quickly to one place to another… my concept design i hope you guys like it…