People’s entries are starting to look really cool now. I had a few minutes at work so decided to start thinking about how to break the bodywork work up with panels etc.

Thanks for looking.


Man, I almost hated looking in here today, you guys are all so good it makes my drawings look like a big turd! Absolutely amazing work!!


Here is my final vehicle rough sketch, time to render and work on environments. Crits are very much welcome.
Everyone’s work is looking good, good luck to you all.


Here’s a small update where I’ve started to break up panels and add more detail into the bodywork. I’m thinking that this side will have a gull-wing style door that opens up as well as the bottom panel opening onto the ground.

Thanks for looking.


Attached is a new still showing wip for the challenge, the main wheel is getting close to being finished, the idea is a vehicle that can travel on the ground and then split into a drive wheel and counter weight that can tow/fly the rest of the vehicle like a kite/glider behind it.


Still playing with a the gundam idea, working out ways to present it in mead style. Started experimenting with non realistic renders. I’m thinking Ill go for something like this, the levels are a bit blown out at the moment, and there is a bit of noticeable pixelation on the robot cause it was a small render, also too much perspective for meads style but… with some experimentation I think this could work


Here’s a styled 2-view schematic of the Higgs powered vehicle, from the QuantumMacro Corp :smiley: , I’m working on.


@TMunro - I really like the style of your render test, it’s very true to the Syd sketch you are using for reference.

I’ve got a few more updates, still working on the detailing, cockpit and how the doors might open. I’ve got an idea of what this vehicles primary function will be in the final illustration but will do a couple of tests before posting anything.

Thanks for looking.


@chrisskinner, Thanks mate :slight_smile: its far from perfect but, I think with a little work it might yeild some interesting results, I’m using this entry as an excuse to learn c4d’s"sketch and toon" a bit better.

I really like your concept, it reminds me of a cross between an 80’s Lamborghini and the armoured car/truck thing from Aliens. Very cool.


Ha ha! Thanks TMunro, I’m glad you picked up on the 80’s reference as I want bit of an old school feel to it.


Greetings all.

I thought I’d share my progress with you. This is my first vehicle model so any comments and critiques would be welcome.
The SMV-1 is a suped-up luxury hovercar designed for the person who wants to travel at high speeds and look good doing it. I took some design cues from the long luxury cars of the 30’s and 40’s as well as some more modern examples. I’m still working on the cockpit, body panels, front and rear lights and materials are still in the working stages.

Thanks for looking. I’m excited by what I see so far.


There are some really great pieces in this contest already. I think this gonna make Syd happy. Just look at the scale of the competition.

Well. I am still cycling around few themes, but none of them feels enough in Syd’s style. :frowning:



MikeDee, that design looks very cool!


Here is my progress this far, which ain’t that much:

(Sorry for the quality, crappy mobile cam, you’ll have to use your imagination to interpret the scribbles)

I knew I was going to do a water vehicle, so my first idea was create some very very elaborate trimaran with a billion sails(1-3), while trying to keep clear of “architectureish” look. But while drawing came upon the idea of creating an analog of a coach lead by a bunch of angry stallions, depicted on a stormy sea(5-6). 4 was a very random rotor based snake like thing.

Chances are that I won’t be able to finish both of the entries in time, but it is very hard to choose: the trimaran is very calm and green(environmentally) design, while the coach is very aggressive, dramatic and powerful in style.


sorrry for english :bowdown: especially this picture isnpired me :thumbsup:


Here my model with some added details …

Thanks for looking.
Any comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Hey Gang!
Well. Finally got back from the hospital after being admitted for 10 days. Found out that it wasnt food poisoning. But rather a Ruptured Appendix.

But dispite the crucial pain and agony of having ruptured appendix that couldnt be removed. im not needing surgery.
So i will be back in the swing of making the Artwork real soon
Thank you all


All the best mate, I hope you get over the pain and can submit something soon. :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat, metaphorically speaking, so have also been delayed. :frowning: Such is life, I will make this the best design I’ve done.


Hey everyone, so far i have seen some great designs and art produced by the contestants. I figured i would throw myself in the mix. Here are 3 preliminary concepts i did. I plan on doing about 8 more before deciding on a final concept. I will then move on to modeling and doing paint overs to get my final piece. So far i dont think any of these concepts scream Syd Mead but its just a work in progress. Crits and comments pls.


The rear section which acts as the people transport and the flight / deployment unit is starting to come together, the application of the vehicle is millitary and designed as a deployment system for steath missions over enemy borders, the vehicle can get there fast and then using the kite/glider system can travel into the danger area , glide in drop of the team above the drop zone and return to the base unit without being detected.