CS1> there is another shot of the bike here: www.horseville.net


AH! Now I see it!.. Now I really think you could change the angle…I dunno if it’s the lighting, but it makes the bike look flat…I like the view in the link I get to see more and get a better sense of what it looks like and how it would maneuver. Very cool design.

But, it’s up to you in the end :slight_smile:


I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to work on this comp for a little while, but today I found time to sit down and start knocking out an idea I had sketched a week or so back, trying to go for something a little different with the type of vehicle. Still playing with shapes at the moment, all the sketches were in profile, so interpreting them in 3d is a little bit experimental :stuck_out_tongue:



This is one of my main inspirations. Meads gundam work is very cool.


So far I think everyone’s doing pretty well… Respect to everyone! To save posting all my my wip - a friend of mine told me to start blogging it so he could see it and feedback to me… Any comments are welcome - thanks for the interest!



Hi there! Another great competition and I see so many awesome future transport designs from you guys! So here’s my actual concept of the vehicle I’ll be making. I think it’s mainly a final concept before modeling. Any critique or comments are HIGHLY appreciated.


nice concept. I love big wheels behind :slight_smile:


just started modelling but thought i’d ask if i could get some feedback on my concept its the first time i’ve designed a vehicle of sorts…
base ideas

final concept


Hi, some great entries coming in for this comp!

I managed to start my vehicle design, can’t post images on here for some reason so I started a wip thread here http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=186554

Crits and comments more than welcome.


Ok, seems I can post an image at a time… Here’s a quick sketch sheet.


amscime - interesting looking vehicle sketch for your 2-nd entry. What is this vehicle for?
splashmatt - good idea, don’t forget to make an futuristic environment :wink:
RyanWalsh - yesterday I also was sick, can’t get of the bed, but today it seems I am getting better (I guess it’s all because of tricky spring weather) Take care and good luck in the contest.
turbinea - very nice picture, maybe I would like some more depth.
cajunDesign - good luck, nice sketches (mostly liked 2,3,4 from top)
CS1 - I like idea about your environment, but maybe you could try some other composition than centric, maybe try to put people a bit to the side. Anyway I like this calm environment.
bolt - nice bike, maybe not too futuristic for me.
Arnol2x - very nice and interesting vehicle design

Hi everyone, have been off for some time. Now back with some update on texturing and shading, also made a simple scene for environment. Suggestions on environment composition and development are very welcome.


@ [b]paulius3d

Your vehicle is looking awesome, looking forward to seeing the final illustration.


Marat-Ars -> it’s cool you like it! Besides best luck with your design, I kinda like it, it has sort of essence of the Bladerunner .
Paulius -> that’s an awesome vehicle you have here, reminds me some of these old school racing cars like they were in 40s or 50s, can’t wait to see the final image. Cheers!


Paulius 3d, When I first saw your wip shots, I thought it reminded me a little of the 89 batmobile, the textures really bring it all together nicely!
ChrisSkinner, I love the sketches, they are very “Mead like” shapes
Rebokbec, Very cool idea, good to see people branching out from cars
Arnol2x, For previs, it looking amazing, better than some of the finished stuff already!


Still playing around with the gundam idea, nothing final yet, just stuffing it full of junk basically getting some shapes for the light to reflect off, I’m planning on posing it and doing a bit of a paint-over. I’ve never modelled a robot before, so its a bit of an experiment.

Any comments are welcome :slight_smile:


2 wip’s


Some of the concepts are killer guys, sure you are paying homage to the master. :beer:

I will update my ideas when I come back later.


hi guys, thanx for nice comments, tried to apply them all. think i’m closing to the final version, so all kind of comments are welcome. thanx

jtrillo, lunadude thanx for the composition advice, i don’t know what i was thinking, after reading your comments i wanted to kick myself for not seeing it by myself. still not too late though :slight_smile: thanx again

paulius3d, i like your design a lot, i would probably choose simpler color scheme. i know, it is a race car but, in my opinion, it is now harder to “read” overal shape under those stickers. but that is just me, feel free to ignore. :slight_smile:


Still early in the process, I know where I’m going with it but trying to get there is interesting :slight_smile:


@turbinea, I think this is cool man!. It is also difficult for me to evaluate an own project, so I think this media is a nice way to find some things out. The figures inside the red ship are perfect, that lounge meeting mood rocks. I just noticed the figures inside the big plane are bigger than the ones inside the parachute. If you think about the size people inside the parachute closer to the plane should be, you’ll see what I mean, just a tiny detail but feels strange when looking at it (or maybe it is just me). The background perfectly fits with Mead’s style and the reflecting surfaces are perfect, I like the sun glow. (sorry for my english) :thumbsup:
Good luck


Good job everyone… Thumbs up to all in here. It’s great to see artists coming together and honoring one of the most influential design masters of our time. Although still there is a considerable amount of time left till the competition is over, the designs I see in this forum are outstanding.

To be specific; some had great concepts, great design styles, great modeling… it varies… but all for the one and only master; Mead. I really loved the works of Shogun Warrior, paulius3d, spindraft and Arnol2x… Thumbs up to you fine artists.

I will be coming around this thread to see whats happening. Good luck everyone… and Keep it up.