Post all your WIPpy goodness here


i wonder why anybody has post anything… am about to post my idea and im scared :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok this is my concpet for this vehicle thing :stuck_out_tongue: i hope you like it.
is kind of a racing vehicle so imagine doing something like a bigstadium with some really big biprospeler… the name dosent make reference to anything. i just made it up. . .
so the idea is to giant wheels and the pilot in the center… when it turns the pilot stays in the center but the legs that hold the wheel open and close. also the pilot cabin goes up and down but i dont think i can represent that in a drawing… by the way… i havent decide if im going to make it 3d or 2d… what do you guys think? let me know! i hope you enjoi


Looks good mate, I’m still staring at source material trying to gauge its my ideas originality. This is a tough one after all. His style is so unique. Its like and odd mix between perfect geometry and organic meets robots. 8D I applaud you for taking the inital step!

I like how your mixes the hard lines and the soft curves Im looking to see how it proceeds forward!


Looking good!


I’m in.

And here is the rider concept first with a hint of the machine she will ride.

Style is as close to Syd Mead as I will get without losing my own touch.



Hi,here is a concept that I did 5 years ago.Today I want to do something like,but with new design.
Best to you all!


Genesisa - It’s funny that I can see some similar things in your design to ideas I was working on…nothing major just little quirks. I’m playing around with something along the lines of those reverse trike things, where there’s two wheels at the front and one at the back, but crossed with a car…more like a 1940’s bubble car I guess. I still need to do some refinements before posting anything.


has long as is not a cabin pilot between two wheels you can post whatever you want =p hehehe…no! im kidding! i wish you the best man! feel free to show whatever you have right now :wink:

Hey this is an update of what im working on! is a 3D sketch of my scene.
i wanted to do some kind of a race theme… so in the foreground theres gonna be a huge crowd. im thinking about doing them with pictures. and all the background is going to be like burned with the sun… this vehicles are really huge. so i think ill have to change the size of the pilot cabin…

i did the render using maxwell


Its kind of electromagnetic field car, the magnets in the wells have different polarity, so spining the well it can change the direction the repulsion from the earth gravity is repealed so the car goes forward, same to stop the car but spining the wells in the other direction.
The design is kind like an animal I think :thumbsup:


hey guys =) … great to see you all here …

did some concepts …

let’s see which one to choose …

cheers n good luck to all!


Hi everybody, just wanted to say I’m in on this comp, not entered one related to CgSociety before, but am thinking that it’ll be a lot of fun. Not got a concept drawn out but have the idea in my head so will just go for it straight in 3d.
Will post some wip pics when I’ve got a bit done, but for now here’s a brief idea of what I’m going for.
It’s a 3 wheeled bike/trike thingy with a pod style cabin, but when it gets going speed wise, it converts to 1 wheel. A little hard to explain properly but hopefully it’ll look good when it’s finished.
Onward to some modelling!


Hi I am quite new to this site, and this is my first time participating in these competitions. I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but can someone please tell me how to attach a picture, thanks


hi Nicholas … it’s not a stupid question at all … first time is always the first time …

> head over to www.photobucket.com and register
> upload your pics there ( there’s a big blue button “upload images & videos” )
> once that’s done … check out on the left side of the page “share this image” … there are lot of options … from the list choose “image code” …
> copy that code … and paste it in the message box …
> click the preview post button just to check if things are ok …

hope this helps ya … do reply if it doesn’t …

cheers n good luck! :slight_smile:


[left][font=Verdana]Hi nwiz25 thanks a lot for your help, this is what I have so far, not sure which way to go, with wheels, or without, any critics would be greatly appreciated [/font][/left]

No wheels

With wheels



OK, this is my final concept thumb. I probably won’t post WIPs, just the final, so good luck everyone!


Cool sketch, I can almost picture the coloured version. :wip: Good luck.


you guys are really pushing it already. im confused right now so posting some thumbs to show im in. the darker ones are on higher possibilty of being shortlisted rest lets see.

good luck to everyone!!



Looking good, but there are really a lot of single and double wheeled concepts around so maybe you want to choose a more individual design. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:



Whenever I stumbled upon Syd Mead’s work, or Daniel Simone’s, or works of some other big visionaries, watching their great and thoughtful designs would get me instantly inspired.
That’s what happened when I found out about this challenge, I got inspired.
I’ve always tried making some car concept designs, but never really taken any of the initial sketches further, so I hope this is where I’l make the difference.

About my idea.

I guess it wont be to original or as groundbreaking and breathtaking as some of the designs out there but I will give it my best to try and make a nice looking functional fictional vehicle concept.
and that’s how I’l refer to it from now on, FFV.


For this concept I will set some fictive predictions for our society and our world that will occur in next 50 to 100 years, and which are going to influence the design and functionality of the earths ground vehicles.

prediction 1 Overpopulation of the Earth is going to lead towards a global law on all countries that all couples may have only one descendant, one child. So most of the “family” vehicles will have three seats, driver, co-driver and one passenger at the back. Greater number of personal vehicles however will be two seated, cos the biggest target in automobile industry will be young couples(20-30) and senior people(60-75).
Another reason behind the lesser seat numbers with personal vehicles is that the future man will largely become more withdrawn and dissociable, mostly cos of super-evolved information technologies.

result: Personal vehicles ended up with two or three seats and smaller baggage spaces.

prediction 2 Most of the earths surface will be affected by large scale earthquakes, resulting in heavily damaged roads. Countries could not keep up with repetitiveness of the Mother Nature, and gave up on costly reconstruction of roads, and instead, invested in adaptation of transport.

result: Vehicles have higher wheel base and larger wheel sizes for better driving performances on bumpy and destructed road surfaces. Evolution of magnetic wheel axis that were able to outlive regular axis by 3-4X
Evolution of tire industry. Tires can have up to 3 groove patterns that can be changed via electro-something(I’l think of some term :D) displacing surfaces of otherwise slick tires into different types of weather and surface tires.

prediction 3 Suprising and unexpected melting of the polar caps increased the water levels by 1 to 2 meters which drowned most of the coastal cities…

result: Vehicles became amphibian, managing grounds and waters just the same.

These are the 3 main predictions that will carry out my concept.
I know that the predictions sound kind’a grim, but there it is :shrug: , I’ve chosen that scenario.
But I will try to bright it up with a nice and exciting design of the future car :wink: .

This is my initial concept done according to the 3 points above.
Its still at a heavy wip stage.
Lot’s of work on the body lines of the vehicle, missing details, complex magnetic axis system that can turn wheels at an opposite angle when in amphibian mode acting as a thrusters, and a complex rims that contain propelling petals that are also activated in amphibian mode…I’l talk about all of this as I go trough modeling of the pieces.


dude that concept is sick… captures the feeling of syd mead a lot… in terms of whats happening on the image… but i think in shape it haves to be a little diferent… i cudnt make it in my own design :frowning: anyway… i love your sketch man… cant wait to see how it turns out!! Good luck!