WIP [Will Smith] [hoochoochoochoo]


Apologies as I must have pressed the wrong button or setting and deleted my previous Will Smith Thread.

OK - here’s yesterdays work and the next stage


Ahhh here it is.

Looks swell. Amazing to me how getting rid of those laser eyes and putting the real ones in there changed the likeness. I really like the proportions.

On my monitor the render is a bit dark. Hard for me to see much of the detail.


Hi Mr Horse!
I think it’s my Monitor calibration. I used to have a reference image that I could use to check settings but I lost it.

As this is also a PC and I’m not too clear on changing the settings on a PC I’ll hold my hands up and confess. I’d render out on my Mac at home but the raytracer on the version of 10.5 I have crashes everytime I try a final render. (it’s an older version so not a current bug report)


nitey nite!


My stupid fault for not checking the image went up properly before going to watch Arsenal vs Chelsea at the pub last night.

My image link was wrong so my entry wasn’t properly ready in time. One day I’ll get this competition right…


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