WIP What's in the box


Hi everybody!

I’ve started this new clip few days ago, part of it is splined allready and the other part is still only pose.
I was wondering if anyone could please point out for me what is working and what is’nt. what I should change, before diving into the moving holds, offsets phase , etc…

I need some critiques here!


Thanks soooooo much,



A small update:


Would love to hear some critiques :slight_smile:



hehe, looks pretty cool expressions are great.


hehe…yeah looks great. keep it up.



Congrats, man!

I really think it’s good. Maybe it’s already time to go to offsetting and moving hold stage!

Looking forward to see how it’s gonna be. =D


Hey you guys,

Thanks allot!

I hope to update soon, if you still see anything that might be a problem , please let me know.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



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