WIP: Weapons and other hard-surf (low-poly)


Hello everybody!
In this thread I will publish the intermediate stages of my work. Since before I modeled only for turbosmooth, low-poly
for me is a news.
Therefore, I expect criticism and assistance in technical matters. To begin with, in order to be easier, I will make a
series of hand grenades. The first will be the legendary F-1. Already
finished low-poly and UV of the body and UZRGM:

Decided to add a chamfer on the “cubes” body, you could not see the rough edges on the silhouette. Fuse 2762 tris, the body of 2992 tris.


I made high-poly. Some of the details in the Max (Chamfer-Turbosmoos), some ZBrush.Baking the maps in Marmoset. Here are screenshots from the Painter


Painted in Painter, added grass and wood log out of Quixel megaskans.

More at the artstation + marmoset https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yeeDQ


I make the next grenade from the Russian “model range.” RGD-5. The UZRGM fuse will be the same, except for the safety lever. Also I will slightly improve the fuse grid


Lowpoly finished. Based on it, I made highpoly in max. The bottom of the body of the grenade had to be polished in Zbrush.

Bake maps in the marmoset. I liked it there, you can visually edit the cage and the direction of the rays!


RGD-5 is ready!

Spread on the artstation until I will, because there is some feeling that something is wrong.


RG-42 is coming!

This time, to create chamfers on the body used only Zbrash.

After a little adjustment low-poly, made the baking.


At last hands have reached and I have finished!

And for dessert)


Work on RGD-33 is completed. I tried to use ZBRUSH. Artstation


There was a new work related to weapons. You can look at Artstation more renders and sketchfab.


Looks good!


Sight for SCAR


Foregrip, handguard and flashhider set for SCAR. Arstation


More finished parts for SCAR: butts, grips, magazines.