WIP Wave generator


Hi guys.
I’m currently writing a Wave generator using MAXScript.
And my friend Xavier works on the shaders.
I’ll update this thread asap.

you can read about as well on [scriptspot](http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/wave-generator) and on [my website](http://www.aespid.com/web/wip-a-research/wip/100-maxscript-wave-generator.html).

The first version will not be something extraordinary. But we've a lot of ideas for later. :cool:

And now some pictures:



This is the first shader test

And some still pictures about the shaders R&D

An animation test


This could end up pretty awesome! I’m gonna follow :slight_smile:


Very nice start, shader looks fantastic :slight_smile:

Quick question, are you going to create some sort of “adaptive mesh” where as closer the camera is the more detailed the mesh, further away less detailed so you can see the ocean all the way to the horizon? Seams a lot of really detailed ocean plugins/scripts work well only when you either create a small section of ocean or less detail so you can stretch it to horizon.


Not with the first version. but we want to add it later.
Right now i’m using max components. But i would like to create new ones later and add this option at this time.

thx Hristo


Pretty amazing work! Any ideas if the Script will launch in time for Christmas? Are the shaders MR compatible? Did the script take long to generate these waves?

Keep it up guys! Seems like a powerful tool for us Max users!


Why not do it as a material map?


Hi there,

first, sorry for my english

thx all for ur Com’s :slight_smile:

i’m working on the shader MentalRay and Vray

last preview :


info :

render time : 2-3minutes/frames, 900*506pxl, amd quad 2.6ghz 8go

@davius : Did the script take long to generate these waves? : maybe 1 seconde :slight_smile:

@duke : render time ! :wink:



I think the first one will be ready really soon.
We re using MR for the tests

BTW, a new test



Looking great, nice movement. Although i’d say there’d be a little more foam in those rough seas :slight_smile:


Looks pretty amazing! And this is all just maxscript??

Are you using a method similar to this: http://charles.hollemeersch.net/Projects/24/oceanwaves?


Hi Tyson,

no not yet. It’s a simple scritp using max objects.
But I’m reading a lot about the FFT (Fast Fourier Transformer).
And would like to use it to create a new object.


Yea I’ve been meaning to try the Tessendof method myself, although I’ve gotten a little lost in the math.

If you’re not using Tessendorf’s method, I’m surprised at your results! They are very nice and look quite similar.

Quick question: I’ve noticed the “Render Settings” option in your UI. Just wondering…how were you able to get maxscript to make changes to the geometry only a rendertime?


like I said, I’m using max objects, and the base is a plane :wink:

and with this spinner, I’m changing the density value.


Looking good! I’d like to give it a go in another renderer. Maxwell or Fry.


you can create your own shaders.
and you can use the foam mask generated by the script :wink:


Nice one! I’m go to follow the developments of this aswell!


VERY cool indeed…

Can the foam-shader be used with other objects as well? I’m thinking a simple plane with a displacement-map.


Not in the first version, but later yes.
Right know, it’s using an elevation information to create the mask


this is looking good guys well done :slight_smile: , do you mean fast Fourier transform ? I needed an FFT algorithm for I audio script a wrote but in max script this would take a very long time to process so I ended up doing it in C++ and got the script to call the program. I would say if you need to do anything like FFT use the max SDK and write it in C++ as a plugin if you can.

anyway good work and keep at it guys :slight_smile:


Very cool…

We will follow this as well.
What about objects like Shorelines, boats etc?