WIP - Tight Eyes


Tell me which one you think is better. Whichever one is best I’ll post as finished. Oh yeah, if you think the multiple eyes picture would be the best if the eyes in it were the bloodier ones, then let me know. Thanks!


They all look pretty good.

The problem you have is that you have no iris. You can tell that this is just a texture sphere. Model the eye propery with an iris and a lens and it will be more beleivable.



That’s where you’re wrong. It’s an anatomically correct model of the eye. Well the front part is…I modeled the iris, cornea, lens, and everything, except in the very first picture with the multiple eyes.


OK then. It looks like a textured sphere though. You should play with it some more to get some depth to the eye. Then it will be complete.



even though you’ve modeled the cornea, iris and eyeball separately, it still seems like a textured sphere. i think the cornea should curve outwards more, that should fix the problem. otherwise, i think the image looks pretty good


I like the middle one the best, could use a tiny bit of blood in the water tho :bounce:


I really like the third one,

I would like to see a pool of water with the blood mixing in with it slightly that would be cool.

Nice images though mate i like the third one the best


They all look superb. The top one almost looks cartoony to me; the middle and bottom ones are increasingly grusome. Which image is best depends on the level of morbidity you are aiming for.



nice images


I’m having trouble figuring out what’s wrong here, but the iris DEFFINITELY doesn’t dip into the eye enough… secondly, the iris texture could use a little work… great job on everything else though.


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