WIP- The Nux Car


Hi. This is my first post here. And this is The Nux Car from Mad Max movie. I want to make this model as detailed and correct as I can, and show my progress as well. So any feedback is welcome. Hope you will like it. :slight_smile:


I made some progress and wanted to share :slight_smile:


That’s pretty neat man. About of the topology with triangles on the body that will cause issues with the final chrome finish I think you nail it so far.

I have a lot of ref from my bluray disk. I was planning to do it some day to fit my Nux Model so if you want to have some, PM me


Thank you for nice words. Yes I know what you mean about topology. I am checking the surface with reflective shader every time when I make some strange topology work. So it looks OK for now. But I will fix it to be 100 % safe, so thank you for mentioning it.

About references, I have tons of images which I gathered from deepest parts of many strange forums and sites, and of course from movie and official behind of scene videos but I have no any idea what is going on bottom of the car. :shrug: I f you could send me some images of bottom of the car it would be great. :applause:


Its super rare to have underneat view of cars. Since nobody see them anyway. Only the Mad max crew may have those in there refs library


Yes. I totally agree with you. But there were many expo stands or whatever those were, where people took many photos of the car. So I thought may be there was somebody who took a photo of bottom of the car


but why to you want the underneat… because if you think of it: it’s a real car (1934 Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe) you can try to find that car ref, could be harder… dont know.


You are right. The last thing is to search what you said. I am not there yet. Right now I am looking for a picture to understand what happens between body and back of the engine. Found something but not enough. I just do not want to guess and build but it looks like I have to.


Great model so far, nice to see a fellow modo user. The base looks great and loving the detail on the engine so far. Keep going I wanna see where you go next.

For replica models reference images are key. Your right on the behind the engine part, I couldn’t find a reference yet. Will keep looking though. :slight_smile:


Thank you for kind words, it means a lot for me. Because of my job, the progress is going too slow. But I am working on it. After lots and lots of research I finally managed to figure out how back of the engine looks. The engine is chevy 350 Weiand v8 small block and I began to search and find most similar engine and I think I found it :smiley: Still not quite sure where exactly many wires and pipes connects so I just left them as this for now and I think engine part 90 percent is done.

Now here is my interior work. Frustrated after lots of research of engine parts and moved to interior for fresh motivation :smiley: Hope you like it.


Congratz for the Front page icon :slight_smile:


Oh *:)*Didn’t expect this. Thanks.


After long time I came back to my Nux Car model and almost finished the steering wheel. This is what I could achieve with limited reference images.


After a long time I made little a progress. Bird skull was created in Zbrush


Another little progress :slight_smile:


Cool update!


Thanks man. I am glad you liked it. :slight_smile:


Hi again. Another little progress after long time. Front tire. Cooper Discoverer or something like this )) Worked on proportions of car body a little bit.


Hey everyone :smile: After a long long time I had free time and decided to UV and texture Nux’s wheel and after that to go further modelling with car itself. So it took me one day to UV all the pieces and new texel density tool is amazing in Modo 11. Total time saver.


OMG! It has been 2 years and I haven’t finished this yet :no_mouth: Today, after 1 year of last update I did a little bit of texturing in Substance painter. Hope I will finish this project while I am alive.

PS: Why I cant see my old pictures? Is it because thread is too old?