WIP Supergirl


Need help :sad:

I’m stumped on how to work on the cityscape.
Any comments suggestions crits on anything and everything would be appreciated.


I love her pose.
The only thing I could suggest is maybe making the ends of her sleeves flair out a little bit at the wrists, just enough to billow out like her skirt.
Keep it up, can’t wait to see the final results. :thumbsup:


the buildings closer the camera will have feature like windows etc in detail a odd fire escape would work well, the buildings farther off take the effect of large dark or bright mirror surfaces , look up some ref stuff liek new york or any other major american city, if its DC sticking in the daily planet is nearly always a must,

j mac


I could be wrong but her right shoulder looks a little big to me. Other than that it’s looking great. Can’t wait untill the next update. :thumbsup:


She looks hot. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Nice work!

The outline on the ends of her hair is unnatural and the buildings could use details.


Well I honestly believe that the cityscape would work if you take a realistic look to it. She’s pretty well rendered, and a realistic looking cityscape would fit in really well. With regards as to how you are going to achieve this realistic looking cityscape, I really can’t help you at all. I’m no painter…



I’d have to agree with Krass, the right shoulder does look a little too high.

Other than that it’s really well done. I also think realistic looking buildings could work well for this. I’d say, just find some good photo ref of buildings and go at it.


Wow. :eek:

Great work dude! :thumbsup:


Does anyone have any good reference/techniques on how to do the bg?
I understand more details in front… less in back
more saturated in front, less in back…
but anything visual?

I haven’t been able to find anything. =(


I like how high her right shoulder is, I think it’s pretty realistic considering the angle, like she’s pulling her shoulders back. It seems like it was deliberatly stylized to look that way. I think it would be less dynamic if you put it down further, but I guess that would just be me. I’m afraid I can’t give any advice on the bg… if you live near a city you could always go take a few snapshots of your own of old buildings… I imagine there’s an array of images on the net though.


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