WIP Submissions


Hey I’m super duper late, Really cool submissions! Decided to go with the illustration with Sylvia & Grapples, I have no idea if I’ll be able to finish it in time for the deadline but I’m gonna do my best. Here’s my research, I think I’ll be going with E.

Christophe Lie Gosset


here is 3d base for paintover ! let me know what you guys think

Wip 03- Raja Nandepu


@rajanandepu looks cool, can I ask what do you use for 3d base ? I mean what software, just curious


Clean lines but I’m not super happy with the composition, so I’m gonna smash my head on my tablet until I’m happy… And I’m still trying to figure out what kind of lighting I want.

Christophe Lie Gosset




After I did the back view, I realised, that I have to redesign the helmet to suit the backpack. I also have to work on the bullet proof vest and on the leg protection again. Here some WIP on the helmet process…still not finished…

@JulianHellwig Thank you a lot. Yes, I also realised, that I have just to many different forms…so I am trying bring it all closer to each other.


@brandonleart Great progress! :slight_smile: Color scheme recommendation attachment included. :slight_smile:

@Lie Gosset (Lie Gosset) Welcome! :slight_smile: Good progress so far. :slight_smile: Recommend you incorporate the tilt of the camera as you have in your thumbnails. Especially option D. :slight_smile:

@rajanandepu Great progress so far. Pieces seems a bit empty. Included an edit for a suggestion on how you might want to fill the space.

@PaeDee Welcome! :smiley:

@pauldrummond Great progress so far! :slight_smile: Some suggestions in the attachment below. :slight_smile:


@maxxxw Really like where this is going!
@Ismail I actually changed the composition quite a bit since then ^^, thx a ton for the feedback though!

Changed the composition & pose a bit and after a few tries with color, decided to go for a sunset/night mood. I’m now rendering. Here’s how it looks after changing the comp with the flat colors.


Final scene set up with particle emitters ready for rendering:


@brandonleart Hello. I like the designs and the colours. The only thing I would try to improve is the position of the legs in comparison to the body. They seem to be twisted too much. I just tried to mirror them. It looks somehow more natural to me…


An update of my redesign



@maxxxw @brandonleart I agree this looks more natural.

Progress, I’ve looked at this for so long I can’t make any difference now. Need a break i’ll get back on it and try to finish it before the deadline :open_mouth: Feedback more than welcome x_x


Hey guys, I changed my composition a bit to give it a more detailled and dramatic point of view. I will make it in time and hope some people can feel it :smiley:

I also saw some awesome entries here and look forward for all final submissions :slight_smile:


@JensFiedler Feeling the energy on this one. :slight_smile: Great update. Recommend you use some rim lights to pop the form out more. The intensity of the explosions in the background invite a rim light.

@Lie Gosset Great update. :slight_smile: I’d recommend you knock out your tangents that interfere with your depth cues as you get into polish mode.

@PaeDee Keep those updates flowing. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing that helmet design as well. :slight_smile:


Last update this is as far as I could go within the time limit I had. I will see what I can do until the deadline


i would have love to finalize them all haha.
i apologize for not labelling them but i went for the second one (white with the yellow accents)


I guess it’s my final submission. Maybe will do something until deadline, maybe not.


@maxxxw great design job with the helmet, hope you can get it all done in time!

@rajanandepu dude you’ve come a long way, looking great! I think Ismails feedback was on point even though it doesn’t fit the game it still makes for a better image to have these guys in the fg. Love how you’ve tilted the whole thing and how warms and cools are giving depth. I would try to work with motion blur in the background and have only the action in focus, that might add a lot of dynamic and drama.

@pauldrummond holy cow you modeled all of this? Super excited to see the render! Make sure you make the character read as nr 1!

@PaeDee Wow, you’ve cranked this out so fast and it looks amazing! Great job here, really like the material treatment. I wouldn’t want to play here on the Europa map - you could probably see her from a mile away ;D

@Lie Gosset I’m feeling the exact same way with my piece right now, don’t know what to add without breaking it :smiley: What I tend to do is grab a piece of art to “look up to”, put it right next to mine and try to figure out how to improve it/get it up to that level. Things are more apparent that way. Maybe you can try grabbing a nice night mood piece! For me personally, I would try to do something with that pattern/window. It looks too flat and to perfect. The edges of the dark material would catch some light, there might be ambient occlusion in the crevices, not every single piece of glass would look like fresh out of the factory - adding some wear here might help. We could also see her reflection in the windows maybe? idk just some things that came to mind. You’re doing great!

@JensFiedler Great to see you’re still with us! Really cool how everything is coming together in your piece! The only thing I’d change would be her right/our left hand. The fingers are looking really weird to me for some reason. Maybe just take some photos of your own hand and see what works. Her visor is confusing me a little bit as well because you’re showing the volcano behind her, but in the reflection, it looks like there is another volcano in front of her? Anyhow you got this - looking forward to your final dude!

@Gordeyev Crazy mate. I modeled Alfonso because I thought it might be easier or faster to get him to look great with 3d but you’ve painted him up and accurate like it was nothing! Cool action as well, congrats on the piece!

Good luck again to everybody still going !


@JulianHellwig yeah thanks man… ya I agree with you …I’m a bit confused now whether I should add chatcters or not in fg as he painted over…it looks good for the composition but it’s not work well with the game …so I’m confused how it fits within competition it I add chatcters


@Ismail You are right of course. And your overpainting rocks! =)
Thank you for your feedback, I already changed the overall pose to give her a better feeling. Gonna upload it in the next hour :slight_smile:

@jullianhellwig Sure man! Gonna do the last changes right now. I also changed the whole character. And it will have a correct finger position as well! :smiley: