WIP Submissions


WIP #4 (final update, I think):

Pavlo Savchuk (aka Zegalur)


@JenniferHeseltine sorry for late reply, was having some difficulties to find free time, anyway my suggestions I wanted to make was exactly the same as @Ismail posted (I guess we both like to make things important bigger and bolder at first plane :smiley: ) and the same as you did in last post. Personally I would just drop this building on the left side and place there big vulcano shape in the background, something like this:

then you would have very nice contrast if you draw imagine line vertically in the center - on the left big shapes on the right all the details of Bradley

@maxxxw thank you man! That’s my main focus at the beginning always, I like to play around with different compositions so I’m always super happy when someone notice that :wink:

@Zegalur very cool rendering!


Another WIP for second illustration
@AvishekB I decided to leave the guy out,
he was stealing too much attention…
Great job on the illustration by the way :smiley:


Hello everyone! I find out about this challenge only few days ago. So i decided to make simple composition. Here is some of my WIPs


Congrats to all the people who submitted their final already, that thread is looking amazing!
@marowak dude heads off, your pushing them out fast! Great stuff
@Zegalur looking great, I really dig the style you went for. Captured Alfonso super nicely as well!
@brandonleart cool wip man, I like the idea with the hood a lot, just makes him look very bulky. Proportion wise I’d say his chins and arms could be a tad slimmer and his shoulders less wide, but you got this.
@maxxxw that’s a real cool idea with like all the plates as armor and having this design language just makes it look pretty interesting! excited for the front and final update on this one. Make sure you keep a consistent design language throughout and not mix things too much.
@JenniferHeseltine I think marcinsobon did a really good overpainting job there, agree with him - the building is definitely not that important, so getting rid of it or making it smaller and receding into the background would improve the image imo. Check out atmospheric pespective and try giving it some depth if you want to keep it. With that much ash in the sky, things could have a lot less contrast, which would make the character pop forward!

Alright WIP n4 here, got my render out and my composition somewhat tuned in. Will try to render a 3D turnaround video asap, too but that might be something for the final submission. For now I’ll focus on painting this thing up. Best of luck to all of you still going!

Julian Hellwig


@JulianHellwig thanks man, I just took some time off from work , so I have more time to work on this… :smiley: :smiley:
Very nice comp and direction by the way man :smiley: :smiley:

another wip, adding some more fire effects… :smiley:


here is quick color comp ! let me know what you guys think

Wip 02 - Raja Nandepu


After a few concept sketches. i choose one and refined the sketch a bit a few more variations.
still researching fora few more references to add additoinal details also


ok guys, I think this is my last post in wip thread, and this are my final images:

I also made second one, horizontal version:

during the process I also experimented with some other color scheme with “blue” Alfonso at black background, but did not finish it, I dropped that idea and went with “classic” Alfonso colors, it’s also not finished line work but wanted to share that with you guys

and here is process gif:

thank you all for the competition and I wish you all good luck!


Hi all, this is really fantastic stuff! Keep up the awesome work.
Just a friendly reminder that final submissions need to be uploaded on the Final Submissions thread AND your portfolio by (EXTENDED DEADLINE) Friday, March 22nd, 11:59 PM PST. Thank you!


Likely my last WIP - hair. Now it’s time to pose and finalize :slight_smile:


@JenniferHeseltine Good progress! :smiley: Recommend you watch out for the tangents to maintain your depth cues. Most noticeable is with the tree and foot and glider. Visual consistency on your volcano perspective. Make the mountains like the steps you painted. Staggered overlap with dark against light. Keeps the perspective you established consistent. I like the second version the most because it has more contrast and more depth cues. Bradley stands out. Included a rough edit illustrating some points I touched on. Great work so far! :slight_smile:

@Zegalur Great job! :slight_smile:
@marowak Glad you had time to explore the second composition! Looking good! :slight_smile:
@Gordeyev Welcome!! :slight_smile: Great progress so far! :slight_smile:
@JulianHellwig Great update! :slight_smile:
@rajanandepu Welcome!! :slight_smile: Great progress so far. :slight_smile: For posing Bradley, I recommend Google searching images with “zip lining” and “long jumping.”
@brandonleart Nice! :slight_smile: Keep it up! :slight_smile:
@marcinsobon Solid! :sunglasses: Second version, widescreen effect! BOOM! :sunglasses:
@Usmanov Nice! :slight_smile: Looking forward to the final! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone
I managed to get my second comp to finish
I am leaving it as it is
Some nice sumbissions out there


The final design sketch it done, now its just a matter of choosing the right colors


A test render from the completely wrong angle, but I quite like the abstract lava background.


Hi guys! A little late to the party just heard about this 3 days ago.
Anyway here is my WIPs from last night.

Alright back to work :smiley:


My progress from today


A few more color test before deciding…tough decisions…suggestions anyone?


@brandonleart I like the most first one from the left, but as far as I know you can finalize all of them :wink:


I like black and orange, which is at the left side. It feels so tron-ish!