WIP Submissions




@marowak Welcome! :smiley: Great start! :slight_smile: If you have time, I would recommend exploring the second thumbnail. Why? 'Cause it features most the escape from the erupting volcano.
@pauldrummond Welcome aboard! :smiley: What was your inspiration for the direction of your design? :slight_smile:
@AvishekB Nice! :smiley: Well done! :slight_smile: Little suggestion, pic included, to add more tension to the scene.

@maxxxw Welcome!!! :smiley: Great start! :slight_smile: As always, would love to know, what inspired the direction of your design choices so far? :slight_smile:

@OstapBlender You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Looking good! :slight_smile:

@Pavel_Tomashevskiy Solid! :sunglasses:

@DWTR Welcome aboard! :smiley: For more inspiration for composition and posing, type into Youtube search " Red Bull Rampage 2013." Some great stuff there. :slight_smile:


@Ismail well dude, thanks, I am considering it also

Work in progress… now only straight painting left


The scene is mostly setup now. Need to work on texturing.


I discovered this competition kinda a late so I’m gonna submit stuff everyday until the due date :stuck_out_tongue:

here is my collection of references as i research the best type of gear suited for Alfonso the volcanic BMX warrior


Another wip
smoke and fire is FUN… :smiley:
I am thinking about trying to get one more comp as well as @Ismail suggested… will see…


@marowak Wooow your piece feels very dynamic!

I did some paintover to define the helmet at the end I added the triangles that the original helmet have.


@marowak Looking good so far. :slight_smile: Recommend some visual emphasis on the main character for the focal point. :slight_smile: Included an edit. Just scaled her up.

@pauldrummond Looking good for the set up. Same thing I would recommend, scale up the focal point. :slight_smile:

@brandonleart Welcome aboard!!! :slight_smile: Great choices for reference! :slight_smile:

@HereticTemplar Solid update! :slight_smile: Keep it up! :smiley:


Working on some lava flows now:


WIP n°3 ! It’s been a pretty busy weekend for me, trying to learn as much as I can and putting everything into this thing here. After doing Alfonsos helmet and the chest piece it became more and more apparent that it would be even harder to do the bike in zbrush as well. What I did was I spent around 15 hours learning Fusion 360 to be able to model the bike there. I can tell you guys that program is amazing, if you got some time, try it! It’s a great tool in the arsenal for hardsurface and anything that’s manufactured! So after getting to know my way around the software the bmx bike actually came together faster than I thought. Today I spent a whole day in zbrush again to split all the subtools off for Alfonso and organize everything so I can finally get to materials and rendering now. Hopefully, there will be time for some photoshop compositing, too in the end! I’m really excited to see it all coming together finally. I’ve been modeling the single parts for quite some time now, so finding out they actually fit together is great. Pretty rewarding workflow I think, really loving it! Coming from 2D, this approach and the challenge taught me so much already. I just hope I can get it all done in time! :smiley:

Also hey welcome to all the new people here, it’s really cool to see all of the progress! :))

EDIT: just noticed how the wheels are way to big, must have happened when importing - It’ll get fixed! ;D

Julian Hellwig


Hello everyone. @ismail asked for my inspirations for the character design I showed so far. Here is my reference palette.

And yes, thank you man! Unfortunately it was a very busy day today. More updates to the design coming tomorrow. @Ismail

@Pavel_Tomashevskiy Hey, that looks very dynamic! Super cool!

@AvishekB Can’t wait to see the end result. I really like the lively brush strokes and the work with “lost and found edges”.


Thanks @Ismail for feedback,
Decided to keep character scae as I wanted to show a bit more danger /environmetn around
As for illustration itself, I consider it done at this point, figured rest is just pixel-pushing
thanks for feedback again, and good luck to everyone!!!

I decided there is enough time to try to do one more keyframe/illustration, so here goes
I am gonna follow @Ismailfeedback and take second keyframe, here some quick sketch I showed above,
and some quick render from octane to start going


After gathering doing the research. i decided to just block out the base model in 3D along with some major shapes for his uniform just to help me sketch it up later in 2D.


After finishing the very basic 3D sculpt in Zbrush, I used it to do the following sketches in accordance to the reference photos i found. I realized that i didn’t wanted to go crazy with the silhouette as we are just redesigning his Uniform not the entire character so i didn’t wanna push his portions out too much.


Hi Everyone ! lot of cool works , so i tried something quickly , dont do keyframes usually but tried this one as i have some free time ! here is the sketch forthe idea i have
Let me know what you guys think ! Thanks

Wip 01 - Raja Nandepu


@marowak - It’s looking super cool bro. Are you going to add the guy at the front later?

Here is my final update, Have a look. @Ismail - Bro I have considered your first suggestion. Somehow I feel the last one makes it a bit busy and bit obvious that he is going to grab the lasso. I would rather have the viewer keep guessing whether he is going to make it or not. If you know what I mean bro.

Thank you, everyone, for your time and effort. It has been a great experience for me.
All the best everyone.


@rajanandepu - Welcome brother, That’s a cool looking first pass. Eager to see more… :slight_smile:


@rajanandepu Hello! It looks cool! I am looking forward to see the next step!

@AvishekB Wow, what a result! I like the small details. Nicely done!

So, here is my next WIP on the Back of “new” Bradley. I tried to make him more aerodynamic and give him more Protection through the origami like clothes full of protection plates. Also the backpack should be a modular system where you can attach different features, weapons and more.


I’ll look at this again with fresh eyes before I submit it.

Less smoke in front of the bottom one.