WIP Submissions


@JulianHellwig Keep that progress coming. :slight_smile:
@NecromancerT Looking forward to that texture and render! Great job! :slight_smile:
@JenniferHeseltine You’re welcome, looking forward to your final piece! :slight_smile:
@AvishekB Big, Medium, Small in your composition. Your thumbnails emphasized this. Recommend you refer to your thumbnails when making your final piece. :slight_smile: Included an edit.

@Usmanov Great break down of your working process. Color wise, like composition. Big, medium, small. or “Mostly, some and a bit.” Mostly one color, some of another color, and a bit of a color. Recommend you refer back to the original Sylvia to help guide your color choices. :slight_smile: Included a visual with the “Mostly, some and a bit” approach. Excellent progress! :slight_smile:


@Ismail - Thanks for the feedback bro :slight_smile: Have changed the composition a bit, I agree the rider is small now. However, I wanted to make him look small amidst the environment. To make the scene more daunting. I am going to hold on to that. I like the idea of some figure inside the chopper though and a ladder, For sure they will be there in the piece. Thanks for your time. I see you are making an effort to help others. I really appreciate that.

Let me work with what I have in mind. If this does not work I will surely ask your guidance … :slight_smile:

@NecromancerT - This Character looks so cool bro. The sculpt looks so neat… :slight_smile:
@Pavel_Tomashevskiy - Love the swirling effect that is going on in your piece.


Here is an update.

Have tried to make some marking on the composition to show the composition a bit. 1, 2, 3 are points of interest. In a way how the Image is read. Also the X marks the negative space.

please have a look, and share your views.

Also here are some plans for the next step.


I’ve come to this later than planned so it’s all a bit of a rush. I hope to show the Sylvia character using the grappling hook to escape from one of the radio telescopes. The telescope provides scale and structure for the background, but is fairly complex so I’m starting on that first.

The base and frame were first, then the dish. Thankfully this has radial symmetry so I only had to model one of the support sections:

Next up is texturing.


One more update… bumped up the saturation a bit, still have to figure out how to bring in some other colors, its looking too yellow now. some more updates soon.


Vesuvius Armor

Hi guys! So Im a little late for the party but the contest looks super fun and with some amazing entries already!
Im working in doing my skin for Alphonso
My idea is that too survive the volcanic mayhem he might need some fireproof stuff and maybe some breathing filter for the ashes.
So yesterday I did a streaming concepting different shapes for the helmet and chest.
I will be sharing the video once its uploaded to the pixologic channel

Even though I was digging the black suit I wanted something that looked more fireproof so I did another variation inspired in some suits used by scientists while studying volcanos

Did some paintover what do you guys think?
Oscar Trejo


@AvishekB I didint saw your last post :frowning: Im a big fan of how your piece its going . feel free to ignore the image since Im not really an expert but maybe adding some blue in the direction the helo its going so it looks safer could help.


Finished that dude, yay!

Now it’s time for meteors, volumetric, sparkles a hellish compositing afterwards!

Tried to render it in bigger resolution and compositing didn’t even broke too much. Wholesome!


Sergei Krylov

Hi everyone!

Probably I’m the most latest participant of the contest. So many great entries inspired me be part of it too! I’m not sure about finishing my design in time, but I will do my best!
I chose Option A with Sylvia and her grapple hook
So here are some WIP’s that I made for last 3 days:
I decided that movies will give some nice composition examples to use with. And I did these rough sketches:

Then I made explorations of some posters at official web-site be sure how it should look like. I liked the idea how Sylvia flying over the helicopter and I added 3D helicopter at the background with several soldiers which try to escape from volcano eruption:

Finally I did lineart with some grayscale to show depth and volume.
So I’m here now:


@HereticTemplar Awesome!! Welcome!!! :smiley: Great start!
@OstapBlender Great render! :slight_smile: Some edit recommendations for the piece. Watch out for the tangents that effect your depth cues. Front wheel and head. Solid piece overall! :slight_smile: Great job! :slight_smile:

@sqroll Welcome, Sergei! :smiley: Great start! :slight_smile: For reference I would also recommend looking up images and videos of “kiteboarding.” You’ll get some awesome results for reference.


Hello everyone!!
I am going with option A of the challenge,
So I started to make some quick comps just to get idea going…
will see where it gets me…
Already thinking about rough value strycture and graphic read


Wow! It looks amazing. I like the strength of the composition and the movement in the picture. Thumbs up!


Working on the character costume. Need to rig it then get onto the head textures.


@marowak - It’s already looking super cool. Agree with @maxxxw, The compositions are very strong… I am eager to see more from you, brother.

Here is one more update, have introduced some cool colour finally, Thanks @HereticTemplar for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Added some rock on the bottom left to emphasize the composition a bit. Also added some trees on the top right to kind of block the flow there.


@AvishekB - Thanks dude, I like where Youre going with your illustration, sweet juicy stuff
@maxxxw - Thank You, thats exactly what I am going for…

Pushing things further, decided to go with comp 4th
Sooo, I made myself some quick 3d model in 3d coat, just to have some accurate base of character…
blocked some simple 3d scene in blender, last image is some base render from octane…
Need to do more passes, and then onto painting since this going to be 2d image in the end


Hello everybody. I found this challenge only two days ago and decided to take part in this competition.

I’ll try Bradley.

Since he’s the flying guy, I wanted to give him a bit more birdy look. Even his bulletproof vest should cover more of his body and still remain flexible at the joints.


@Ismail oh, thank you, that was an easy fix and it looks better now!

And I think that’s pretty much it.

Still, I’ll let it to hang for a day or two - last glance with the rested sight would be beneficial. Also I’m open to suggestions, especially about color correction.

For those, who struggles in the last days, here’s some motivation:


Thanks for your feedback guys. Here is a bit of an update.


looking for inspiration and composition