WIP Submissions


Thanks @NecromancerT . Good 3D clothing stuff. ^^

Didn’t have much time this week but I finished the back. ^^

Feedbacks round :

@Scifart_ Nice one. : )
@jonathan-wenberg . Cool. I made a quick overpaint to tweek some proportions.

and a gif to show the differences. It’s not perfect but hope that help. : )

@Zegalur . Nice !
@marcinsobon . Nice posing and I like the graphic way of it.
@Usmanov . nice gun . : )

Good luck for the others I missed. : )


Slow mode: ON


I thought I’d “Head Back” for one last update before I push to a finish.


Pavel Tomashevskiy.

Hello all. Decided to join the fray with an image of Alfonso trying to escape volcano eruption and shooting some baddies in the meantime. Here are some first steps.




@jonathan-wenberg Keep it up! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing your final decision on design. :slight_smile:
@Scifart_ Congrats on the finish! :slight_smile: Renders are looking great! :slight_smile:
@marcinsobon Solid! :slight_smile:
@Zegalur Great use of warms and cools! :slight_smile:
@Alpyro Nice! :smiley: Looking forward to the colors! :slight_smile:
@OstapBlender Great Progress. Would recommend turning the body and front wheel more. More contrapposto to add more drama and dynamism to the scene and pose. :slight_smile:
@Jeff Talbot (Jeff Talbot) great update! :slight_smile:
@Pavel_Tomashevskiy Welcome!!! :slight_smile: Great progress on the piece. Made a recommendation edit. Currently Alfonso is competing with the environment for attention. Included an edit as a suggestion. I’d even go as far as lighting that tree on fire. Or have it have some bullet holes indicating the presence of an opponent. Great stuff so far! :slight_smile:


Final feedback welcome.


@JenniferHeseltine that’s cool, nice fire and smoke effects , also cool idea with capturing the dramatic situation in which Bradley found himself :wink: But I think all elements which you illustrated on this piece are really competing with each other because of for example their sizes, I think you should consider making some more contrasting elements to make it more interesting. Would you allow me to do some quick tweaks on your piece to show you what I think could work with increasing the drama ?


@JenniferHeseltine Looking good!!! :slight_smile: . Some suggestions: Think round form even with the volcano. You have established your perspective for the scene, current volcano is contradictory to that perspective cue and draws attention away from the depth cues established in the foreground. Included edit to help out explain. Hope it helps. :slight_smile: Great progress on the piece! :slight_smile: Some of your thumbnails have Brad in a more dramatic pose, so just incorporated that into the edit. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the final! :smiley:


My second WIP here. All of this really takes longer than I thought, learning Zbrush and Marvelous as I go, watching lots of tutorials and trying to push myself a lot. Can’t wait to get to the assembly part and seeing if this was all worth it in the end! Pretty stoked I got the helmet to work, hope Al’s chest piece will go faster now that I learned some tricks.

Also respect to all of you, I’m really impressed with everything that’s being put out, especially from @Jeff Talbot @Scifart_ @jonathan-wenberg @Zegalur @marcinsobon !! You guys rock. Excited for the final results from all of you.

Julian Hellwig


Im almost done with the Highpoly and soon will be posting Textured and Render Image.
Happy to see so many good entries and All the best guys…


So many cool updates here… Here goes mine.

Hope you guys like it. At this stage I am just plotting the main concerned objects, the ramp, Alfonso, and a chopper… have to figure out so many things… ha ha… keeping my fingers crossed…


@JulianHellwig : Nice WIP man.
@Pavel_Tomashevskiy: This is super cool .
@Jeff Talbot: Nice redesign of the parts .
@OstapBlender: Good going .
@Alpyro: Waiting for the Final Submission.
@marcinsobon: Oh Wow , nice pose .
@Zegalur: Awaiting for the Final composition.
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Here are some Marvelous designer patterns I did for the character Bradley.


Thank you, sure I would be happy to see your ideas.


Thank you :grinning:


Retopo and baking are done. Working on textures - here’s what I have for the character so far. I’m not that great with colors, so any suggestions appreciated…



@NecromancerT sculpt’s looking great! hands and forearms seem to be on a small side though
@Ismail yes, used mostly zbrush for details. Created top layer sections using Zmodeler, panel looped them, generated curve around the edges and ran a simple mesh around it for the wiring around + good amount of manual tweaking
@jonathan-wenberg coming along great! I actually like her elongated legs, gives her more stylized look
@Scifart_ congrats on finishing! Did you texture without UVing the mesh? I remember you had a question around it
@marcinsobon love the style of your work, looks amazing!


@NecromancerT Wow dude amazing update! Love all the MD-Patterns and how it all looks together. What’s your trick to get a thickness in the backpack straps i.e.? Do you use the pressure settings? Curious.

@Usmanov Great job! That retopoed character of yours looks better than my high poly ever will, damn :smiley: Colorwise would be nice to have one stronger color stand out, having some accent here and there. Right now your red dots seem to be everywhere and there is no focal area color wise, it’s all the same more or less. Maybe there’s something you can do.