WIP Submissions


I feel like these are getting closer. I think the silhouette is reading more like sylvia in these




Everyone is doing really awesome work. Those compositions, deigns and sculpts are all looking tight!
Been busy with other work so this is slowly progressing but currently working on the base layer of clothing.
Will be working on a bunch of chest iterations next.


Almost starting on a character. I can feel how moment is approaching!

And MAYBE there’s some kind of overkill on details


Here are the chest explorations that I came up with.


Hey guys,
joining in on the fun! Last week I got lost in the game and was playing for hours on end but now I’m committed to doing this challenge. :smiley: I’ve been doing only 2D stuff for the last six months and want to challenge myself to do most of this in 3D - getting a potential workflow going and focusing on a high quality render eventually.
Here is my first WIP - chose Al and his Bike and hope to learn some hard surface modelling skills from this! Pretty excited about this but also scared from all the great entries/wips so far.
Good luck to everybody! Cheers

Julian Hellwig


I think i’m done with modelling. Tomorrow i will maybe add buckles here and there and begin rendering.


Okay, So Here goes… This is some roughing out of some thumbnails. At this stage, I am not sure which character to take So I am thinking of some composition with each of them. Have a look, and share your views… Thanks


@jonathan-wenberg Nice! :smiley: Keep it up! :slight_smile:
@Jeff Talbot Progress is progress! :slight_smile:
@OstapBlender Day by day. Pixel by pixel! :slight_smile:
@JulianHellwig Welcome! :smiley: Great strarts! :smiley:
@Scifart_ Looking forward to the final render. :slight_smile:
@AvishekB Welcome! :slight_smile: Great start! : ) Keep in mind, you can have multiple entries! As long as each entry has the minimum of 4 WIPS you can enter as many pieces as you want. :slight_smile:


@Ismail - Sure thing, WIll keep in mind… :slight_smile:


thumbs for a few days ago


Working on my final, still a bit rough but getting closer


WIP 4 - grappling hook and a gun. Time for re-topology


just playing with color schemes


@Scifart_ nice design :wink:

ok I figured out where most of my details will be

next I’m going to produce crisper and final line work while playing a bit with some shapes, and work on color scheme,
my ideas for color are basicly more or less like this:

yelowish-orange smoke/fire stripes in the back, everything else in blueish tones + some others which I need to figure out but definitely I want that yellow stripes in the back

as for the composition I didn’t change much just small adjustements, it’s all based on triangle shapes all over


@marcinsobon Great shape design and composition! :astonished: Love it!

WIP.3: Add some colors:

Pavlo Savchuk (aka Zegalur)


@Zegalur thx man! I also like very much your linework, it’s very accurate, also great start with rendering :wink:


I 'd like to see more of assymetrical stuff going on…


i need to do another pass or two in order to tweak the design and really get some more functionality in some of the pieces and define specific materials through form.


well, ppl i think i’m done! I made lots of variations but i posted some of them here. I posted a question on topic for questions but noone answered so i have to ask here. How many shots we get to upload as a final submission ? Good luck to everyone!