WIP Submissions


Hello there!
My name is Rodolfo Castillo. This is gonna be a very tough challenge.
I’m going for option A - Characters using skills.
Here is my WIP#1


Marcin Soboń

Hello everyone! Nice to see process of each one of you!
Just started my exploration, I’ m going with OPTION A - illustration of character using skills, and I’m going with Alfonso character and BMX.
I’m trying to find good looking silhouette/pose first. Posting some first attempts:


'ello, my dudes.

Something brewing finally and there’s whole 2.5 half week ahead, woohoo!

yeah, it’s not as polished as other’s pictures, but hey, like an old man said:


@marcinsobon Welcome! :slight_smile: Day by day, piece by piece, you’ll get this done! :slight_smile: Keep posting! :slight_smile:

@OstapBlender Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: 2.5 weeks is plenty of time! :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming! :smiley:


Great work everyone! Looking forward to more updates.
@Travis - thanks for the template.
@Ismail - thanks for suggestion. That’s actually what I pretty much used, just a bit modified. I’ll try to go with the cards. Recently checked out some tutorials, would be a good practice.
@marcinsobon great sketches. Top center looks awesome!

My 3rd WIP - character high poly. Next are grappling hooks and guns.


WIP Step 2
Linework (next step - rendering):

Pavlo Savchuk (aka Zegalur)


Decisions, decisions. Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences.


Hi my name is Guru,but I go by the name Necromancer in all sites.
Here is my WIP screenshot for Bradley .
Here is the workflow I follow for all the characters.


Patterns from Marvelous designer and Export options


Remesh and UVs in Marvelous designer for sculpting in Zbrush


All the Best Guys ,

@ Ismail : Liked the concept
@ Usmanov : Your character is coming out nice
@JensFiedler: I liked the idea of presenting your character
@Jeff Talbot : Nice character sketch
@Alpyro: This is one of the coolest character concepts.
@Makawe: nice pose
@Zegalur: One of my favorite


@Ismail yup that’s the plan :slight_smile:
@Usmanov thx man, yeah I’m also most convinced to that direction
@Zegalur nice linework :slight_smile:

I made few more thumbanils of the character pose but I think I will stick with my initial one

but reworked a little hand with the gun,
also started with setting up composition of whole illustration,
initially I wanted it to be more symetrical, but for this silhouette I think I will go with something more tilted/dynamic (posting thumbnail)

still messing around with composition but that’s pretty much my vision,
next after I will finish with this I’m going make more detailed sketch because this is very rough


Maybe at some point I’ll start the character itself. Maybe even soon.


Roughs :slight_smile:


expanded on the rough designs trying to zone in


Here is some rough line work and Bradley’s silhouette.

Here is the grey scale I have at the moment.

I have kept everything on separate layers so I can play with some different effects. Thinking about motion blur, smoke and depth of field.


went with a 2 of the previous thumbnails. I’m trying to keep exploring the overall shapes to find a balence of sexiness and utilitarianism cheers


Hey everyone! I’m just starting to design my suit for Sylvia and I have a quick question.

It’s about the following sentence:
“Character must be recognisable (approx. body shape/male/female)”

Does this refer to the character’s silhouette as well? So, for example, if I don’t put Sylvia in a catsuit even though her body shape is the same, will this not count?


@alecchalmers " (approx. body shape/male/female)" - - - if her cat suit makes her look like an NFL linebacker then she is not recognizable as Sylvia. That’s how I’m reading that. :slight_smile:
@jonathan-wenberg Those are looking great! :smiley: What is your inspiration for the suit designs?
@JenniferHeseltine Great progress! :slight_smile: One thing I’d recommend to add drama to the scenario. Light up the hang glider. Have some of it catch on fire, now Brad is more in panic mode to land in one piece. His pose will change. Right now his pose is looking pretty calm. Put yourself in the situation of escaping an erupting volcano and things not going as planned. The nail biting of nearly being cooked by lava and your hang glider almost not getting you out of the scenario.
@OstapBlender Today is a good day to start. :wink:
@marcinsobon Great progress! :slight_smile:
@NecromancerT Welcome! :smiley: Great start!! :smiley: And thanks! :slight_smile:
@Zegalur Keep those updates coming :slight_smile:
@Usmanov Great progress! :slight_smile: Are you modeling or sculpting in Zbrush for your suit details?


Thanks so much Ismail! I’m mostly looking at the reference that i posted at the start. essentially i’m working off a bit of inherit visual library and pushing shapes around to find the gesture lines that work for her and enhance the female form more. i’m doing a bunch of these as i felt alot of my designs have felt a bit to bulky and manly so i’m trying to bring back syliva’s shape :slight_smile: