WIP Submissions


Rémy PAUL.

Hello here.

My first work in progress. Happy to be able to participate. ^^

I’m going to work on Sylvia design.


Jeff Talbot Great Start! :smiley: Good pose selection and reference choice! :slight_smile: I would recommend his forearms get covered up. Escaping a volcano, here. :slight_smile: Bare skin and lava…do not mix. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Alpyro Rémy , Welcome!!! :smiley: Looking good! :slight_smile: Keep it up! :slight_smile:

@JensFiedler great start! :slight_smile: Would recommend you incorporate the rule of thirds for your composition studies. Right now your composition is looking very balanced and your main character is in the center. Squint your eyes to see where you want your focal point to be. Asymmetry


Incorporate asymmetry to make it more dynamic. Made a Photoshop edit to show what I mean. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

@jferry81 Yup. Great start! :slight_smile: Category A: OPTION A Show character using their skillset to escape. :slight_smile: Since you are working on Sylvia, make sure that grapple hook is used. :wink:

@tiptop234 Manuel, welcome! :smiley: Looking forward to the end result! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, this is a system that she will have on her back for oxygen and jump systems. Next is coming the biohazard suit [of some sort]. thanks for watching ppl. George Matsikas


Hey guys, My work in progress.


This is reference material that I have collected. I am doing Bradley with the hang glider escaping the volcanic eruption. I really like the beautiful Spanish style buildings and date palms. I would like to show this kind of environment with ash and fire and the volcano in the background. I will probably stick to 2D for this. Having not played this game I also put together reference of the hang glider and Bradley to help me stay true to the character.


Simple prosthetic hands



THanks @Ismail . : )

An other wip.

I will go on this one I think.


Hello all, here’s one of my first sketches, the direction i want to go with my 2d entry:

It’s Alfonso with his BMX, apparently broken, what a shame :slight_smile:


First idea sketch:

Pavlo Savchuk (aka Zegalur)


@Zegalur cool sketch, just make sure the proportions of the bike are proper, the tires look thin.
Here’s my second iteration:


I’m choosing to redesign Sylvia. i’m going with a heat cool system idea that is used for space suits and i’m playing with the idea of using the heat energy captured by the suit to power some gadgets, that would give players a reason to go into dangerous heat filled areas. Here is my reference page


Just working out the composition. Here are some thumbnails.


Some thumbnails to explore some directions. sorry for the strange format, cgsociety wont allow me to post more than one, or multiple posts :confused:


Just edit your first post and add the pictures in that edit. :slight_smile:


it doesn’t allow me to post mutiple images in one post as a new user XD


looking for some nice colour sets


Nice work everyone. keep it up. : ) ( Especially Scifart, nice 3D model )

next WIP


Everyone is making such great work :slight_smile: i’ve just read Aboutaleb the vhallenge, I’m going to do reseacrh intro the game and the characters ASAP :smiley:


@Makawe awesome!!! :slight_smile: Welcome! Good start so far! :slight_smile:
@JenniferHeseltine Great reference choices. Good thumbnails. Welcome! :slight_smile:
@Scifart_ Progress is looking great! :slight_smile:
@marcin-kulesza Welcome. Great start! :slight_smile:
@Zegalur Welcome. Looking forward to the final piece! :slight_smile:
@jonathan-wenberg Check the "Help " section for the challenge. See if that will help. :slight_smile:


My next update.

Sketched in some chest pieces for Bradley and worked on roughing the back view

@Ismail practicality wise he’d cover up, but since Bradley is such a generic soldier its one of the key reads that make him recognizable. The mindset I am designing him with is to keep the key components the way they are to make sure he always has a clear “bradley” read. My justification is that he has all the equipment he needs on him but right now he’s not utilizing it.