WIP Submissions


This is a skill based competition by expending the deadline you are giving other contestants who didn’t get their work finished by the deadline an unfair advantage. A week is a long time. Long enough for someone to swoop in and claim victory.

Now I don’t want it to seem like I’m saying this because I thought I was going to win. Before the deadline extension there were already some amazing entries that I think should be the winners and I was not one of them.
I just believe that this is not a great thing to do. You’d never see another skills based competition do it because it’s unfair to its competitors. If it was a random winner, I wouldn’t care. But navigating deadlines is part of a competition, it’s part of life. If you cant do that then I’m sorry but that’s how it should be. Especially when there was already so many members who had pushed themselves and completed their artworks by the deadline. If anyone who didn’t complete their work before the original deadline wins then that is incredibly unfair on those who did get it done on time. The extension greatly benefits those who haven’t completed their work over those who did.

You even say so yourself.

As I mentioned above myself and 3 other members get 0 benefit from this extension because we don’t have the luxury of time to jump back into our submissions, due to other life commitments.
I’m not trying to change the outcome or overrule the decision, I’m merely trying make the hosts of the competition more aware of their actions and the consequences.


It seems like you used the Sims as your character base? That’s pretty smart thinking. When you have the time I would recommend though that you look into a program like daz3D. It’ll give you a lot more options and be much more useful for you long term, than what you could get using a games character creator.


I agree with all your points except this one, because there’s a bunch of examples:


It’s unfortunately, but it happens all the time.


Okay so I’ll admit I didn’t know this. I guess when I was saying that I was referring to the other major art platform that host competitions. I guess it does happen but I don’t agree with it and think it’s unfair to participants.


Heres an up date. I had a power outage where I’m at. currently in the caribbean. three days of not being able to scan this and finally get to work. well I have one day now to get this to look any good.


Thank everyone for the feedback and comments
here is progress almost done with it , doing last minute tweaks

Wip04 - Raja Nandepu !


Yes, i did it with the Sims 4 ! Thank you for the advise, i’m a beginner in Art, so i still don’t know a lot about software and other stuffs!


Amaazing work Raja! I am new to this forum and definitely loving all the things that I am going to learn here through Financepolice.com . Thanks for these amazing renders.


Okay Here goes my final submission.

Hope you guys like it…

@rajanandepu - Its looking super good bro… all the best. :smiley:


First I Saw that Challenge, to late, and was thinking thats bad that i dont have that much time to join that Challenge because its Great, and i Love ROE; i Play it everyday minimum 1 hour haha with my Mates.
Than the Deadline was expanded, than i was like " THATS A SIGN" i should Join it.
oh and thats my First CG Challenge i ever Join, dont be to Hard to me please, but im open for Ideas how i make stuff better etc and sry for my Bad English sometimes. I’m from Germany.

Additional Info, i developing my Own Game in UE4, so everything that im Showing at the Final is Realtime Rendered in Ue4, 60 FPS+ 1070 GTX.

Ive started a Few Day’s ago but had sadly no time for Post WIP’S So , i saved a lots of Screenshoots and now i can Share it(Hope that Coun’ts)

I Created Sylvia in a Re Design, an “Wild” Style in my Own Artstyle whitout so much Tech Stuff.(Im Not sure if that count’s)

Working in Progress Pictures are showing some Steps and Changes, for everything it would be too much haha

End Result with Pose and Lighting will Post later this Day , Its good that Pacific Time is only 13:23 atm here its 21:23 haha

Best Regards

i try to Reply to others, but it seems not Correct, how i can Reply to other Posts ?
would be @ Name correct?

and Good Luck All!



I really like that Hair, its “Wildish” ^^, and the Details on the Suite is Great too
Really Good Work, even the Glasses matches Good with all


MAN i like that, i saw that and im really Impressed of what u archieve with your 2D Skills.

Really Awesome Work!


WIP 1 - Procedural modeling of the BMX bike.

WIP 2 - Sculpting Alfonso The Biker.

WIP 3 - Modeling The Body Armor.

WIP 4 - Materials.

Final WIP


Ok, just dropping another piece today :slight_smile:

And my final piece:


Hey, quick update just in case don’t know if this is necessary, I won’t be posting my final piece. I’ve been struggling with work and did not get as much time as I wished to work on the challenge, but that’s on me. As a result I am not happy at all with the final piece and won’t post it. Learned a lot anyway!
Great submissions overall and I’m looking forward to the winners and next challenge where I’ll try to do better :stuck_out_tongue:


getting ready to post the final on the finals page but first let me post some tips here… I’m happy with the way it turned out. I can be better but I’m just glad to get it done at this post. hope you guys like it. getting this done was a real challenge. glad I made the deadline. good luck to everyone!


@KuroSekaie - Thanks man, I saw your final piece, looks damn cool :slight_smile:

@OloVo - That’s a super cool workflow brother. Is everything done in substance bro? :open_mouth:

@JensFiedler - Nailed it man, looks amazing…

@williejimenezart - Saw your final piece, looks very cool. But I am sure if you had more time you would have a done better. All the best :slight_smile:


Hi guys, here is my 3D Final Submission ArtWork , hope you all like it. Thank you guys for taking time and giving feedback.

Ring of Elysium Xtreme Survival challenge
Final submission - Bradley Redesign 3D [OPTION B]
Artist Name - GuruPrasadk [NecromancerT]

My portfolio link : https://necromancert.cgsociety.org/


@AvishekB : You just nailed it Bro , congrats
@JenniferHeseltine : congrats on completion
@maxxxw: look s nice ,congrats on completion


Epic bro Epic…