WIP Submissions


Well, since we got the extension, I’ll try to make another character, although highly doubt I’ll finish it in time.
Alfonso - redesign. Going for a more stylized look. Plan to finally try out Marvelous designer for this one.
A very rough zbrush sketch. He’ll have kicks, not just these sticks for feet :slight_smile:


Hi, seeing the submissions so far has been incredible and I’m learning so much from everyone. With the deadline extension I’m able to scrape together some free time and I thought I would give this a go. I hope I can measure up to the fantastic work everyone is producing. Since I can only spend another day or two on this, gotta go fast!

I’m going for Option A - Bradley & Hang Glider
I would normally approach something like this using 3D but really wanted to test my drawing and anatomy skills.

Research - Thanks @Travis for the template, I changed it slightly but used yours as a base.
@JenniferHeseltine I hope you don’t mind, I used your research of the side and back of Bradley. Although I grabbed it after I finished my last wip. It looks like I’m going to have to add a backpack at some point, I just hope it doesn’t affect my outcome too much.
I looked at Just Cause 4 for compositions and poses. I really liked the second image down of the character gliding from an explosion. So I started thumbnailing with that in mind, then I went back to research and posed my desk manikin and took a couple of photos for reference.

Thumbnails - I roughly had an idea that Bradley would be reaching out to an escaping helicopter. I thought the character could be gliding extremely close to the volcano. I was really interested in twisting the pose, I really wanted to push the exaggeration in this character, but decided that it might not work for this character. I think maybe for Sylvia.

WIP 01 - I liked the body arc of the bottom left thumbnail had so chose that one to develop. I also tried filling out some background volcano elements.

WIP 02 - Rough Line Art. Rotated the character slightly.

WIP 03 - Line Art refined, proportions adjusted, local colour added and some volcano elements roughed in.

WIP 04 - Background colours added.

WIP 05 - Character lighting blocked out. It felt more dynamic to rotate character more. I also felt the helicopter needed something for the character to grab…

WIP 06 - Character Refining & Shading.

Right that’s everything I managed to do today, I’ll try and crack on again tomorrow after work.
Any feedback is more than welcome.


That’s fine, I screen shotted those off the net anyway. :slight_smile:


Wow! Nice progress for just a one day. I like your composition choice, it looks very dynamic. A little notice I want to add: the main focus locate at the left side of the image and this is a bit disbalance all composition. Try to change the location of the main character, zoom in/out to choose the right proportions. And one more note: try to mirror your image from time to time then you will notice where your piece has issues or not.
Some edits included: I changed proportions of the body to fit the perspective of the image and fully copied your desk manikin pose. Red lines guide the viewer’s eye - it is often using in many movies.!


Hey guys
managed to texture very quickly bradley with his glider…
All in 3d coat
, now gotta go to octane, looking for some comps, and will move on from there

@Usmanov this looks really dope!!
@williejimenezart love those action heavy shots, push for the finish!!


Thanks @morowak

Here’s an update. I think I can start rendering tonight. and maybe I’ll be done by friday. as long as I don’t continue getting power outages.


Idk, Iv’e seen it in e-mail, on 80.lv and probably in every CG related group in Facebook. I think there’s not a lot of contestants just because it’s February. Also some potential participants were scared off because 2D and 3D discipline is combined this time. As you can see, there’s much more 2D submissions rather than 3D ones, even if they use 3D as a base.


Hello. I am glad to take part in the competition with such talented people. my choice is Bradley and here is part of my story costume creation


One of my original thumbnails had Bradley escaping the volcano with an ash cloud behind him. I tried to get some depth and dynamics in to it.


quick renders and some quick comps


wow, some super cool updates here. I have been super busy this week with some personal stuff. Finally got some time to reply back…

@NecromancerT - You are killing it bro… rock on.

@marowak - So far so good, Eager to see more. :smile:

@williejimenezart - Your line-art is looking so powerful already. When can we see more update? I am super excited.

@DByeable - Nice work brother, keep up the good work.

@iurii-ivchenko - Good start bro. Be careful about the anatomy. However, I am sure you will take care of that as you progress.

Sweet stuff people. This thread is shaping up nicely… :star_struck::star_struck:

I hear you @Ismail, @sqroll. Let me see If I can push for one more entry with these modifications… Time is running out. I will try to update something ASAP…



okay here is a WIP …

and the plan

I am planning to submit this as another entry with 4 WIPs, I hope that would be okay with the moderators.


Ok guys, here is the final image. Thanks for all your feedback and GL to everyone!


In a way this does punish the artists who DID join when you advertised. You think that getting an extra week is a good thing but not all of us have free time to dedicate to this challenge. I was able to dedicate as much time as I did, because I knew when it ended and panned my other workloads accordingly. The extension does nothing for me as I cannot continue to work on my artwork, I have other commitments to take care of. I know this is true for at least 3 other people who joined and I discussed this extension with. In future challenges please do not extend the deadline, or give far more warning than a day or two.
And as @OstapBlender said this competition was incredibly well advertised. I too saw it on multiple sites, FB, Instagram, Newsletter and LinkedIn. I don’t think saying you didn’t have enough time to share the comp is reason enough for you to punish the artists who worked hard to get their entries done. You should have just held the competition to be longer in the first place.


Thanks @AvishekB , I really appreciate it!
Thanks @sqroll for the feedback, that’s so kind of you. Based on your critique I decided to take more photo reference and stuck more closely to it this time, and I also went back to thumbnailing.
Although I kept the angle of the dude because I felt that flattening him lost the dynamism I was going for. I almost wanted to pay homage to the old airfix model box illustrations and go totally overboard on action. Mixed with the old G.I Joe style illustrations ala Hector Garrido.

Okay, here’s my next set of WIPs from yesterday.
WIP 07 - More Reference and Thumbnailing

WIP 08 - I decided to remove the inside of the helicopter. The framing started to look odd to me. I really liked the idea of a rope ladder coming from the helicopter, again @sqroll thanks for that! Although again, I really wanted to push the exaggeration.

WIP 09 - More background development. I always find it much easier to “see” the final image when I experiment with colour.

WIP 10 - Refined Volcano.

WIP 11 - Adjusted dude and added backpack

WIP 12 - Lighting and Shading Refined.

That’s as far as I got yesterday, and probably it for the final submission given the amount of time left. Although I’ll try and squeeze some time in after work today to polish things up and clean up my lines.

If there’s any further feedback anyone can give me, I would be very grateful.


Hi everyone,

Last WIP 13 - Cleanup and highlights.
I couldn’t wait so used some free time during lunch to finish this off. I’m done and submitted!
Although I’m still open to any critique or feedback.

Thanks everyone and good luck!



one more. worked on Alfonso a bit. Some minor tweaks left. Will try to push out one more WIP tonight.

and almost done with this one… added some birds…


Hello Everyone! So! Here it’s my 4 wips for the contest. I don’t have much more, because i rushed the drawing in 2 night! I know that i’m not as strong as the other participants, but i hope i stil lhave a chance to win! https://miloriia.cgsociety.org/arrc/cyber-sylvia This is the link to my Artwork because i’m a new user and I can’t post all my wip wthout being restricted. I also join my reference panel to this reply!

This was a really great experience, and i’m happy that i participated. Thank you.


trying to design the world where Alfonso take over with his BMX


Well, to be fair, this extensions is pretty common and happens very frequently in this type of challenges. Still, week is a pretty sweet spot: it’s not really enough to make a work from scratch, but would be beneficial for those, who lag few days. As we can see it this thread, it allowed to some participants not to abandon their works halfway through, but actually finish them.
So I don’t think there’s a much of drama in this decision. Of course it would be better if final date was really final, because even with a shifted one someone certainly wouldn’t have enough time to make it, but it’s not a really big deal in the end of the day, imo.