WIP Submissions


Hi folks, you’ve just earned a little more time! Make sure to get your Final Submissions in by on the Final Submissions thread AND your portfolio by EXTENDED DEADLINE: Friday, March 22nd, 11:59 PM PST. Thank you!


With the extended deadline is it possible to re-submit a final piece? If there’s more time I might do a little more work on it.


One more date to fix in a “Start here” thread


Oh no I hate when that happens haha, was really looking forward to wrapping my piece up :smiley: oh well…


i totally agree. i hope i can fix my final submission. thanks for the advice ^^


So, here the last WIP on Bradley. Trying bring all the pieces of the costume closer together. I decided to go into stealth direction.

Thank you! Now I definitely will get it all done in time :wink: Was working for too long on formfinding.




Hi I know I sound like I am being a downer here but adding another week is really not fair to all the people who worked hard to get it done within the competition deadlines…


Wow , One more week!! changes the whole game, ha ha…

@marowak - looking damn cool bro, both of them. You are blazing fast…

@Gordeyev - This looks so good love the brushwork there. The detail on Alfonso is also looking damn good.

@JulianHellwig - Great progress so far bro, keep them rolling.

@rajanandepu - This is shaping up too good, I also agree with ismail, adding the character in the foreground makes the whole thing more powerful, Also now that we have on more week I want to ask and suggest something. right now Bradly seems to be flying away from the chopper. I mean with his leg coming forward and the body at the back, was it intentional??? What is your thought on making the upper torso nearer and legs behind to make the scene more daunting?? something like this.

@brandonleart - These characters are looking very cool bro. sweet designs.

@Lie Gosset1d - very dynamic composition, all of them. The one you have chosen is shaping up nicely, some more love and it would look super cool.

@JensFiedler - I love your piece brother. Love the mood the small details, the camera angle… too good.

@PaeDee - Superb work there. Interesting idea of changing the suit color altogether. Nice. I see you have left the helmet out, any thoughts on that? how about a collar extension that opens up in a helmet, just a thought… :slight_smile:

@maxxxw - Looking good brother, Push ahead.

This thread is becoming stronger by the day… Now that we have some more time do you guys suggest anything with my piece? is the character looking too small. I have a strange feeling that they might want the character big in the composition! What do you think @Ismail? DO you guys suggest any change? let me know.


Hey guys,
Here is the WIP texture screenshot .C&C are welcome.

@Usmanov : Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it .:grinning: Congrats on finishing:grinning:
@JulianHellwig : I use Rendering Thickness and pressure depending on the cloth material .:grinning: And Thanks!
@Ismail : Thanks and congrats on finishing your Artwork.
@AvishekB : Thanks , your artwork is looking really great and Congrats on finishing :grinning:
@OstapBlender: Congrats on finishing :grinning:
@sqroll: Its looking nice.
@maxxxw : Your design is looking super cool.
@jonathan-wenberg : Congrats on finishing:grinning:
@Yerus: Thanks
@marcinsobon: WOW !!! what a finish


That is super cool bro. I was waiting for this update… You rock. :smiley:


Sergei Krylov

Hey guys!
I finally finished my work and want to share it with you all!

But first I want to say thanks to all of you. As usual in such contests there is no command work and everybody makes his own work by solo without communications with each other. But here is a different case and I glad that competition organizers reserve the right to cooperate with other participants. It helps a lot not only for me but for all of us.

Here are some notes for works which I like the most:
@Lie Gosset -Love every composition in your thumbnails. Especially under the “C” on the right side of “B”
@rajanandepu - The colors in your work are just dope!
@Gordeyev - Very nice top light and leading lines of composition!
@marcinsobon - This comic book style is AWESOME! I would like to see Blue Alfonso final work because it looks astonished even not finished!
@Ismail - A Great Thank to You for your feedback to all participants. If somebody asks me in which team I want to work, I will definitely choose a team under your direction.
@AvishekB - Your work is HOT. I would rather move Alfonso’s position close to the viewer just for feeling like you are right behind his shoulder.

So, this is my final submission:

Also, here is some WIPs from my last update:

and here is process gif:


@AvishekB Your final call on your piece. Minor thing I noticed. Helicopter propeller is creating a down draft, yet flames from rear tire are contradictory to that downdraft, just made a quick edit.

@NecromancerT Solid update! :slight_smile:

@sqroll Solid update, and thanks! :smiley: Little thing I noticed. Right at the focal point of the Sylvia. The helicopter blade tangent that interferes with the depth cue you set up in your composition. Minor fix, just moved her head down and did a paint over of the rimlight and desaturated the helicopter blade. Edit included. Solid piece overall! :smiley:


Thank you @Ismail. After rewatching my work many times it is difficult to notice some issues that can distract the eye. And sometimes you realize that improvings on such little things make your piece look better!


Hi guys,
Here is the WIP pose of the character .Hope you all like it. C%C are welcome


@NecromancerT Hey, thank you. I am on it )) But your guy is looking awesome. Your passion for the details is incredible! Maybe you can add something red somewhere on the leg or the shoe to balance the glasses. And how about the pose…something like “Contrapposto” maybe would look more interesting? I am totally looking forward to see your final submission!

@AvishekB Thank you. I appreciate that!


Hey guys,
Since deadline has been extended, I decided to give another try to illustration,
gonna try bradley this time…
starting same way as before, doing some rough 3d base , then gonna search for a good comp
and onto painting… !!
keep it up everyone!


Thanks for the catch!


hey guys

a little late but I’m gonna try my best to get this done before the deadline. I like what I have going so far. just hope I can get it done.


Hi, yes, that’s perfectly fine!


Hey Jeff, we hear you. We didn’t have very long to share this challenge to begin with, so we chose to extend it to make sure as many artists got a chance to participate as were interested. This could be an opportunity to polish and refine your piece even further! :slight_smile: And thank you for participating!