WIP Statue of Liberty in my Living Room


Hey there guys,

A quick render,

Please let me know hows it going. I am very mcuh open for all kinds of crits/comments.

Am planning for a long sequence, based on this test render.

heres my vimeo link


Looking forward for some crits/comments :slight_smile:


Very cool! :beer:


Will be updating the work very soon :smiley:


I think your key light is just a wee bit too strong. Other than that, great work :smiley:


THANQ James :slight_smile:

As I said, am working on a longer shot and with more objects in it, will keep this in mind while getting on with the actual shot :slight_smile:


Nice work, it’s a solid track and the simulation is fine. As mentioned just play with lighting/rendering for a better composite. I would only suggest changing the position of the CG asset to not be as perfectly parallel to the edges of the table. Rarely do people have that degree of perfection and attention to placement (unless ocd or something) and little details like that help views forget what they are looking at isn’t an actual object.


An Excellent tip there Andrew :slight_smile:

Definitely useful !!!

Thanx for response :slight_smile:


Heres the firstpass for tracking on the entire shot
Looking forward to hear your views on this one




waiting for some inputs …:slight_smile:


Looks pretty darn solid to me :slight_smile:



still working on the effects part. Will update the shot today :slight_smile:


Heres the render


let me know ur views, its just a test render, gonna make a fullHD render :smiley:


I think the shadows are a bit too dark. And the statues’ color seems a bit over saturated compared to the rest of the video.

Apart from that, excellent work :slight_smile:


Thank you James :slight_smile:

am not much of a renderer :smiley:
kinda just working out with lights and rendering
am much worried about tracking and lil’ bit about effects :smiley:


Nice work so far. The timing of the statue breaking up feels much too slow though for the scale of the object. Fine if it’s supposed to be 200ft tall but considering it’s on a table my brain tells me it’s about 8 inches so the fragments should fall a lot faster.



Hi Brian,

Thanx for dropping in with your suggestions :slight_smile:
One thing is, I purposefully wanted it to be what seems like slow motion :D, just to make it, a bit dramatic ;). I hope its not too disturbing :smiley:

Also I hope that Tracking came out well :slight_smile:


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