Wip Sprint


Hello everyone! I feel stuk. It would be awesome if anyone could tell me what they think I should do to develop further, or what problems do i have in my work, to try and improve it. It would be very much apreciated :rolleyes:



The pose you’ve got has challenging foreshortening and is viewed from an irregular angle, it seems there are quite a few things you haven’t quite nailed; the legs in particular are way off. You really must use a reference and if you’re working from one already I would definitely pay closer attention to it. If it’s a photo then lay it over your drawing and turn down the opacity to see where you’re going wrong.

Second thing is the technique is very vague and non-committal. I would try and work towards a more decisive line if you can, even if (or especially if) it shows more of your mistakes.


unaccompanieddminor, thank you very much!:bowdown:
Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.