WIP : Spiderman


hello all,

Need feedback on:
Anatomical proportions.
Muscular detail visible under suit.

Wireframe if - funtionally correct for flexible animation.

http://www.aazim.odhn.com/turn.avi TURN AROUND animation. DivX


Thanks all


looks cool. once you get a nice map on there, he should look great. also, i’d make the ankles a little larger and the thighs a little larger as well.


i think you either need to make his abdomen thicker or the muscle directly under his arm pits a little narrower


i love this section of cgtalk - quick replies- and to the point-
Thanks a million guys.

update based on feedb@ck from Markski , stephencassidy

I also thought maybe the head was small, so i gave that a change.


I could really use more feedback before i jumpon to texturing or rigging.

another update.


i think it looks pretty good now but it will be difficult to accurately crit without some good materials


looks really good to me my one crit is the abs they look too defined considering the way his suit would fall. IMO the vertically lines should be softened beyond recognition and the horizontal ones should just be softened a little bit. This is the way i’ve noticed spandex falls on sixpacks.


I like it, but you can sort of see your symmetry line down the center.


I think you need to do a little bit of looking into the arms. At first glance the biceps appear a little short, and the forearms too long. Also the transition from the deltiod muscles into the pectoral muscles looks very wrong, in fact most of the transition from the chest muscles to the arms is a bit off. The muscle that is connecting from the armpit to the arm is actually the biceps, where you have it pinching off to form a sphere like it is part of the deltoid.

I am not sure what it is that you are doing with the ab groups. It looks as if you have a top row over the ribcage just below the pecs that does not belong. Then the size of the lowest group of ab muscles is too large, almost as if taken from a stylized female form.

If you want to do this model right, with a lot of defenition, you need to hit the anatomy references, otherwise relax the muscles and go for a model like the movie character.


It could be the straight on angle, but his jaw is too wide toward the back. Spidey always has an oval face. This is a bit too square. It may need to be elongated a bit or the jaw narrowed.


It looks an amazing spiderman indeed, but I see only one problem: The stomach looks too square, I think it needs a more soft corner.


hey wicked start, the only thing i would say is that for spiderman the head is definatly off shape, it looks more like venoms head, it doesnt look human, but apart from that :smiley:



One thing I see a lot of people doing, is making these completely rounded arm muscles. It should probly be more like this.
OTT, excellent character.


hey after some painful hours of unwrapping

here are some temp - renders of the head.
still need to model around the eyes - this is just a temp.


could you post some pics of the maps?:scream:


Hello people, Just finished the texturing. Here are some complete shots. In default pose.
Next step RIG and Envelope, hopefully u`ll see some action posed shots in Finihsed gallery soon.


Looking really good! I would be worried about those poles in the knees though. When it comes time to animate you may have some wierd defomation.


Aazim, bro, Move Spiderman’s shoulders back a bit. I feel they’re too far forward. Also, make his hands slightly bigger.

And if you look at the collar bone, it is almost horizontal. you should make the collar bone going upwards at an angle. A collar bone starts at that pit at the bottom of the neck and goes up to the top part of the shoulder.

And if you can figure out a way to blend the textures of the head and the body, so that they’re seamless, that would make the model almost perfect.


His chest needs pulled out around the sternum, it looks like it is going in instead of out.

I would work on his legs alot more, they are very cube looking. and the bicep needs definiation at the bottom of the mucle its just a round looking bicep right now. when your arm is out like that its very tense and his arm is bicep is sagging right now, it should be very defined. also the forearm near the elbow muscles dont work like how you have your forearm right now. I would reccomend just looking at someones arm with definition to it to see fully how the arm works. just look at someones entire arm the forearm around the elbow needs work.


Seems like this guy is coming out of a box…Edgeloops is somthing u must look into…its i beleive a must for muscle defination…or else u can always make out those muscles coming out of a quad mesh…have u seen hulk modelling thread??
Texture looks good…