WIP-Spiderman animation



This is my first thread here so forgive me if I do something wrong.

I found a Spiderman model from sci-fi-3d (thanks to Rodolfo Roth), and gave it a black suit texture resembling the one in Spiderman 3 (it’s just a simple texture, the model isn’t that hi-res). So then I rigged it up using Carrara 4 and started fiddling about with it. After a few hours work I came up with this:


I still need to add the second web and fix the corresponding hand, and then there’s the feet that are slipping under the floor. Comments would be appreciated.

I’m planning a little sequence with Spidey, and I’m making a new rig for the other shots after finding a few flaws in the one I used for that shot.

And if possible, does anyone know where to download another Spiderman model? I could only find this one but a more accurate one would be great.




He needs to lean back more against the force of the rope, so he looks more like he’s putting all his weight into it. Right now, it almost looks like he’s just squatting with a rope in his hand, sorta.

Also, when his head moves from side to side, well, when we look from one side to the other, we tend to move our head down a little (in the middle) and usually blink, however, since he’s wearing a mask, the blinking thing need not apply. :slight_smile:

One last side issue, you’d get a lot more replies if you hosted it with a dedicated link (i.e.-“www.<yourlink>.com/animations/sman.mov”) so that people wouldn’t have to deal with a pop-up ridden website.

video.google.com is a good place for hosting videos, as it’s quick and easy to upload, and for viewers to see.


I was waiting for the Spider-man stuff to start up around here. I think it looks good, all though here’s what I would have done differently:

[li]I would have done had him at more of an angle, leaning backwards with his head cocked back, giving the impression that he is really trying to stretch the web to get some distance. I also would have had him hold the pose maybe just a half second to a second more to show some tension.[/li][/ul]
[li]And then once he sling shots himself I would have had his toes pointed downward. Maybe having Spidey’s head tilted up so he sees where he is going.[/li][/ul]
The model looks awesome, but we can’t see the symbiote suit against the black background, which sorta throws off your animation. Other then the missing web tho it really has alot of potential.


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