WIP: space-fighter pilot's shoes


hey guys, this is a shoes that my character ‘demian’ is going to put on. you can see the character here ; http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=114693
now i’m just finished its modeling and uv mapping. give your valuable c&c guys so i can make this shoes an art ^^. i think i will be able to post next rendering with draft bump map tonight after the football game; i’m actually rushing to TV to watch the game our national team playes against Paraguai now. Wish our team good luck guy!! ^^


on the basic of the knowledge about the rest of the suit i really like it. very organic and that for healthy to the feet :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

reminds me of some organic nikes i just saw in the city ! they were like 200bucks lol

your shoe seems to be out of some neopren-material, right ?


i didn’t mean to make it look like nike shoes. but the pattern on the side did that. for nike, 200bucks is easy. too expensive, aren’t they? ya, the material is something like neopren. i’m trying to make it like a composition of aritificial leather and neopren.


here’s the shoes with draft bump map. i converted the maya leather shaders to texture file then edited in Photoshop. won’t you give me c&c…now i got sleepy. it’s 3:30am, too late. see you guy.


yeah, this material really looks like snythetic leather/neopren imo.

does he just slip in or is there going to be a kind of zipper to open them ?


couldn’t make any further progress of this shoes 'cuz i was tied up with modifying my other character’s scaling, suit and body. I’m done with that and will work on thoes shoes. this shoes is designed only to slip in. and the character won’t take off the shoes anyway ^^ i’m think of color of the shoes.


i was thinking of a self designed emblem or sign of trademark on the shoe…somthing like other shoes have as well…

^ just really quick drawn in photoshop ! dunno if you like it…just thought of giving an idea of what i ment :wink:



good design! i was thinking of such an emblem either. that’s the way to remove the nike look as much as possible. thanks. i will try with your design concept buddy


oh ! i feel honoured :slight_smile: if you like i can send it to you via email as a transparent 1000x1000 tif file ! i can send the used font to you as well, it´s a free one ! yust in case you ahve your own invented brand name…



i’d love to receive the tif file as well as the font via email. i will try it out. my email address is ; realms2002@naver.com thanks buddy


you just got mail from me :wink:

the subject is “the logos”


guys here’s my latest rendering of the shoe. used a layered shader with 2 blinns in it. color, bump, specular roll off textures are painted. i like the shoe color to be dark blue but this dark blue doesn’t look good to me. i’m going to play with color tomorrow. crits from you guys will definetely be a good material to obtain better color. color map needs to be complated, and something needs to be done with the unshaded bright gray parts yet.


GREAT ! funky, the logo looks billiant to me ! claps

maybe decrease the alpha so it is more visible.

i like the dark color as well ! maybe do two different layouts like one orange, one dark blue…


latest rendering with more complex textures. I’ve just finished up. Look lot more dirt image. i hope this makes the shoes more realistic. i like this one. but your crit will still give me more idea for better quality, thanks guys


this is the latest rendering with new shader given to the bottom piece of the shoes. mostly doen with this shoes i guess unless you guys make big c&cs ^^. when this shoes is done, i go work on my demain character to finish it asap. thanks


okay guys ! that´s the deal: the shoes are PERFECT, okay :wink:

i wanna see damian finished ! at least before november insider joke :wink:


Very nice shoe, I really like your texture work on both the shoe and the character in your other post.


ya, it’s time to go back to my character; must be lonely for few days away from his master. after our national holiday season for whole this week, i will play with the character ‘demain’. for sure i must complete it within nov, thanks, buddy


hi there. thank you for your reply. it’s glad to know someone likes my texture work. well, you know what? well, although i’ve spent a lot more time for shading these days, i’ve thought myself a modeller or designer not a mapper or shader designer. now people are talking about the textures not the geometry. if designing and geometry works are from my natural talent, texturing is turly from my recent study of shading and extensive search of relative tutorials on the internet. i know there’s still long long way to go, so guys! your crits always fill the fuel to run my engine. thanks, friend.