WIP: Sleazy Frenchman 'Does Michael'


This is a little bit of animation from 2nd year group project (NCCA, UK - Computer Animation BA course); “La Place”. The basic concept is that a ‘traditional’ French mime artist is upstaged by a more contemporary (‘sleazy’) mime artist. A ‘mime battle’ then ensues in the busy ‘quasi-Parisian’ town square, with each character trying to go higher and further than his colleague. I haven’t done any animation since the 1st year (about a year ago now). This character is (obviously) the Sleazy fella (which one of my group members posted in the 3D still section) and I animated a little bit of moonwalk for when we are first introduced to him at the start of piece. You’ll need QuickTime to view them (encoded with Sorensen 3).

SLEAZY_OLD - First verion of the moonwalk with a bit of “Beat It” arm thrusting. Oh, and teh supah-cheeseh wink :wink:

SLEAZY_NEW - New, improved (in my opinion) version of the (moon)walkcycle. Removed the thrusting (it was a little tooooo much) and I may/may not be able to squeeze the wink into the final thing - not quite sure how it’s going to work into the piece yet.

Comments and crits PLEASE! But please bear in mind that the deadline is fast approaching and I need to move onto other things so I probably won’t have much time to change the basics of the movement (obviously adding the wink or something similar wouldn’t be too hard).

Now I’ve got to animate “The Robot”… :roll:

NB: For any of you that can’t get those working, try THIS. It’s the above 2 files merged together with a different codec. Still requires QuickTime.


:thumbsup: Funny and entertaining your work, leaning that could place sound, it would be better. :thumbsup:

bad English:shrug:


Thanks for you comments 3D STRONG!

Updated Movie

Basically, this will be a sequence where he spots a kid with a balloon watching him (hence the first look and then the double take when he sees a potential ‘fiscal’ opportunity). He will then go into “Robot Mode” and try and get some money off the kid.


The weight transfer seems off… The leg that supports the weight (at intervals) doesn’t feel ‘planted.’ He seems to be skating, especially at the end. The Moonwalk is a really tough move to attempt - you are either very brave…

anyway, hope it helps…


…or very stupid, yeah I know! :thumbsup:

Thanks for your input Lekku, I’ll try sorting out the weighting a little more - would you say it’s just a question of repositioning the root at key times or are there issues with the feet as well?


almost sliding as much as Michael himself :wink:


er… is that good or bad? lol! :shrug:


It seems like you’ve emphasized the upper half of the body more than the lower… Do you have any video reference of Jackson in action? It’s looking good, though. I can’t wait to see him do the robot.


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